#00001 PS4 20th Anniversary $127,000 Charity Auction Fails; Sony Donates Highest Bid Anyway

on February 18, 2015 2:07 AM

Sony Computer Entertainment put the #00001 20th Anniversary PS4 on auction, promising to donate the proceeds to the Japanese branch of Save the Children.

Unfortunately not everything went as planned, and the auction was marred by several prank bids, but ultimately the console managed to reach a highest bid of 15,135,000 yen, which translate to roughly $127,000.

The company announced today with a press release that unfortunately the highest bid has not been fulfilled and the sale has failed, causing Sony to decide to postpone selling the console.

Not all news are bad, though, as Sony also announced that it will still donate the amount of the highest bid to Save the Chilren, added to the sum generated by the “PlayStation Love Tweet” campaign. 1,156 PlayStation-loving Tweet were received, and at 20 yen each, they prompted a donation of 23,120 yen.

This brings the total donation made by Sony to Save the Children to 15,158,120 yen, translating to 127,278 dollars.

The concluded the announcement by thanking all those who supported the auction, and announcing that for the moment the #00001 20th Anniversary PS4 will be showcased at its showroom in Ginza, Tokyo, starting on February 21st.

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