DualShockers Halo 3:ODST Give Away

We here at DualShockers are in the business of giving and we’ve decided it’s about time we give something back to our readers. This coming week Halo 3: ODST hits store shelves, and we’d like to celebrate that by sharing the game with one lucky reader. Want to know how to enter? It’s fairly easy really. All you have to do is take this survey HERE. And one person’s IP address will be selected at random. We will then match the IP to someone in the comments section of this post and choose our winner. Please make sure to put in your correct email address that way we can get back to you with your prize. This is our way to say thank you to all of readers and will be the first of many more giveaways to come! Good Luck!

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  • DruePhoenix

    Commenting because I like freeee things!

  • D3athTillDawn

    Hey I would love to win ODST! If I get picked I’ll make sure to give you guys as much publicity as possible! And yes this IS blackmail!

  • LuNaTiC83

    It’d be sweet if I won ODST!!

  • I want to win…lol, just kidding. Whoo go Team Venture!

  • Roushrsh

    hmmm, quite a good give away 🙂

  • josh

    I really want this game… just don’t know if its worth the full price just yet…

  • PJ


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  • Laurens

    I did the survey, what a short one :p

  • Beloweryjr

    i love halo

  • will beat not paying 60 bucks for it, thanks guys

  • Done….


    i await the arrival of my copy in the post. thanks dualshockers.

  • steven

    I would love to win cause odsts are awesome, Almost as awesome as dual shockers.

  • Rich

    Wow just saw this and am getting in just under the wire!

  • kukulz

    Great!! I want One…. follow me @kukuls_89

  • El Cid

    Hope I win!

  • Will

    Cool, hope i win since I don’t really feel like buying ODST in all honesty.

  • Andrew


  • genuinem

    Hope this is legit…ODST!!!!!!

  • Killer0Kevin

    Really hope this is real and I hope I win 🙂


  • michael

    i love halo games! halo 3 odst looks amazing and i hope that i win it!

  • Kat Marie


  • EAzKing32

    I hope I win!!!!!!

  • Onum

    I would love to get the game!

  • Andrew

    I hope I can get the game, I would be really happy since I cant purchase it on my own due to no money

  • I am hoping to win. That would be great.

  • Dexan

    It would be certainly interesting of i won, though I think i speak for everyone here that I want to win.

  • I wouldn’t mind getting a free copy of this game. It might get me to start using my 360 again (afraid of RROD lol).

  • Mr. Nice Guy

    Ooooooh Yeaaaaah… Yeaaaah.

  • Leon Durham

    I took the survey and my fingers are crossed

  • Mr.S

    Need… to…. win….!
    Good luck to everyone and cheers to the lucky winner!

  • Tony

    Hope I win! ODST Looks great!

  • Xbot

    Horrible game, not even worth getting for free just a waste of time really.