DualShockers Massive MAG Beta Code Giveaway

Since we’ve been in the spirit of giving as of late, we figure why not hook up our readers with beta codes to one of the most anticipated games of the year! DualShockers got together with the great people at Sony and are now sitting on a boatload of MAG beta codes. So how do you get your hands on said code? Easy. We will be giving out 6 codes a day on the site, and 5 on Saturdays through twitter. To win your code on the site all you have to do is tell us why you deserve entrance to the MAG beta in the comments section of this post (obviously, the more entertaining, the better your chances). For the Twitter giveaways on Saturday’s we’ll be doing trivia of sorts so make sure to follow us on there as well. Winners will be emailed directly (or direct messaged on twitter), and will then be announced on the site in the same comments section. Please make sure to leave your email (correctly) when you submit your entry.

If you don’t win at first, don’t let that get you down, as we’ll be handing codes every day for a few weeks. Keep checking back all throughout the day, as code giveaway will be running from 9AM EST to 9PM EST! Good luck to all participants, and to the winners, we’ll see you online. Beta details go as follows:

Beta hours for this phase are as follows:

Monday – Friday
10am – 1pm PDT (5pm – 8pm GMT)
5pm – 9pm PDT (12am – 4am GMT)

Recipients of these codes will have access to the Beta until November 8.

As for instructions:

How to Redeem Your Code:

After you have signed in to your PlayStation®Network Account:
Go to PlayStation®Store on the PLAYSTATION®3 system XMB™ (XrossMediaBar)

-Select “Redeem Codes”
-Enter the code (above)
-Click “Continue”
-The download will be available on the next screen

Please visit the MAG Beta Central site at check the news section for further MAG information and details.

MAG Beta Central

MAG Beta Central is the information center for the MAG Beta.  On the MAG Beta Central site you can read the latest MAG Beta news, participate in polls and surveys, log a bug and tell us how you feel about MAG in the private MAG Beta forums.  Providing feedback through the MAG Beta Central site is essential to the success of the MAG Beta program. Please visit the site and participate.

Here’s what you do to access the MAG Beta Central site:

Step 1: Click here: http://www.us.playstation.com/

Step 2: In the upper right hand corner of the page header you will see the PlayStation®Network icon and PlayStation®Network ID module.  If you are already logged in, go to Step 3.  If you are not logged in, please click on the “LOG IN” text and enter your PlayStation®Network credentials for the account which you redeemed the MAG Beta redemption code on.

Step 3: Once logged in, you will find a “BETA” button (see image below) next to your PlayStation®Network ID in the page header.  Click on the Beta button to enter the Beta Central section of Playstation.com.  If the Beta button is not present, please log out and log in with the PlayStation®Network ID which you used to redeem the MAG Beta redemption code.  You must redeem the MAG Beta redemption code on your PS3 before you can access the MAG Beta Central site.

Step 4: Read the “Beta Test Program Participation Agreement” and then click “Continue” to accept the agreement and be taken to the MAG Beta Central homepage

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  • BobDoleApproves

    Hey ya peoplez of Dual Shockers your awesome for giving these codes away

  • saci35

    I do not even like a beta 🙁

    I have not excuse for beta 🙁

  • JimmyLegs

    DualShocker really loves MAG, but it loves the people more!


  • bloody_sight

    I deserve a beta code cuz i was born to be in the freaking beta helping to make the game better and testing every single aspect of it! so please give me one!

  • gill910

    A salesman goes up to a house and knocks on the front door.

    It’s opened by a little ten year-old boy who has a lighted cigar in one hand, a glass of whiskey in the other and a Penthouse magazine tucked under his arm.

    Salesman: “Hello son. Is your mom or dad home ?”

    Little boy: “What the fu*k do you think?”

    that lil boy was me, and penthouse doesn’t do the trick anymore.I need a MAG BETA CODE for blue-balls sake hook me up dualshockers.

  • gill0910

    come on hook me up already!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • gill0910

    i will suck you and F*uck you for mag beta code

  • aidan

    I Think i really deserve a beta code because my dog died and the only way for him to come back to life is to get a mag beta code. Please Dualshockers I need Tim BACK!!!!!!

  • noob77

    i deserve the beta because i have good grades in school holding a 3.0 gpa :). I would also quit playing WoW, CSs, and Halo to play this game, plz let me beta test.


    please im desparate for a code i have tried OVER 86 times tor the twelve didget code i cant bear it any more

  • Brian Riccella

    I deserve this mag code b/c the force is strong with me and only i can master the game to destroy all who oppose me