Official God of War Collection Box Art

Literally, fresh off the press comes the box art to Santa Monica Studios latest labor of love: God of War Collection. It looks pretty similar to press shots release a few months back, just put into theย 5 and 3/8″ wide…6 and 3/4″ high dimensions of your typical PS3 BD disc case. This high definition re-hashing is set to hit shelves this month, and although these are games that most people have run through multiple times, when looking at this box art it’s really hard to not get excited. Check out the shot below or click on the thumbnail to see it in high-res!


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  • HEAVY7666

    Loving it.
    Release can’t come soon enough .. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Truth

    wow thats an ugly cover -_-
    but the games are great, cant wait to get my hands on this collection!

  • This isn’t Sony Santa Monica’s latest labor of love.

    They made the games years ago, but they are not the ones behind this collection.

    Give props to Bluepoint Games.

  • David Macphail

    Seeing as how i never played the first two GOW games on PS2 this collection is absolutely perfect for me.

  • Dardin Kay

    This is old…the box art was released when the release date of the collection was announced…you guys are worse than the escapist.

  • @ Dardin Kay

    When the release date was announced, it was a press image. Official (key word here) box art was not confirmed until today by Sony’s official Press Site, that I can assure you. Sure, it does look exactly like what we all saw about 7 weeks prior, but again that WAS NOT official at the time.

    Now please kind sir, don’t compare us to such sites and go back to trolling N4G!

    Have a great day!


  • Dardin Kay

    If I was trolling i would say that the game sucks and etc etc. It was already confirmed. Just saying that it is old news.