Modern Warfare 2 10th Prestige Hack

When you think of people who hack, it is usually someone who wants to give the illusion of being good at a game, from wall hacks to aimbots, they all work at giving some gamers a feeling of gratification. Well, if you thought hackers would call it a day after the Javelin hack, then you are more naive than you look. (Yes, I am aware of the boosting hack as well as the other glitches) It seems like the hottest hack is a PS3 exclusive (for now). This hack is one that will get you to your 10th prestige in only a few minutes.


What you do is you download some save files and throw them on a flashdrive. After that you copy the files onto your PS3. Then you turn on your PS3 and open multiplayer to get the playlists and such. Go to split screen and load up the hack save, after getting errors you open up the gsy save and then go to multiplayer and you are lvl70, then you enable prestige and you are on your 10th prestige. However, this hack does not modify your stats, so most players will know you are bulls***.

Personally, I don’t know why you would hack. If your self-esteem is that low, I don’t think having a 10th prestige will really make it any better… Check out the video for a complete walk through and the needed files. I, for one, will not be doing this, I’m an honest gamer. Let’s hope Infinity Ward fixes this as soon as they can, and I also hope they roll back stats on those players that use this hack.

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  • king_deadgirl

    i suck, but at least i have the satisfaction of knowing that every title, emblem, and what have you on there is something that i earned… not hacked the game to get. besides… as mentioned in above comments, your stats will expose you for the cheating piece of s*** you really are. so, again, i ask you: what the hell are you trying to prove? you’re only fooling yourself.

  • king_deadgirl

    boosters are dumb too. you and all of your lame little friends take that crap elsewhere. especially with the nukes. come on. really??? you’re only making gameplay for other people less enjoyable. why waste money on a game that you’re going to cheat to win on? does it really satisfy you to know that you didn’t earn anything? that you didnt even try? who are you trying to impress? yourself? no one else cares about your miserable life. we only care that you cheat to be on our level of gaming. why? because a lot of people take the time to work their way up in rank, and by you cheating to achieve the illusion that you did that same thing, only makes it seem pointless to others to try. it puts the idea in their head… why struggle with the game when you can cheat and only APPEAR to be good at it? doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of being a gamer? actually, you don’t have the right to even be labeled as a “gamer”. you’re just simply a cheater. if you’re yearning that much for acceptance or approval… find a new game that you can actually play. go play little big planet or somethng. everyone is a winner there. LOSERS! kind of makes me wonder what else you’re cheating yourself out of in life. keep it real. just keep it real.

  • Julian Pena

    actually my friends did this just for the 5 other classes, otherwise, there’s no real point

  • Farhan

    where do i download the files to put on my usb for the 10th prestige thing???

  • Sherman Chow

    Okay, so I understand where everyone is coming from on Prestige Hacking. But here’s the thing, I would call myself a pretty good MW2 player, I always go to a friends house and play, and in usually in the positives. I recently just got a PS3 and now I only have 5 classes. Whenever I get matched up with people I blow them out of the park. I need this prestige hack to actually better myself. I understand other people do but yeah.

  • whittyzz

    hey where do we get that tenth hack thing soooo i can be tenth all ready and if wny one does tenth ill pay u apone proof ur liget srry guys i dont trust ppl soooo plz tell me how to get it or if someone can do it for me

  • FuLLySiLeNcEXD

    Ill hackk anyones account on modern warfare 2 that are willing to give me 250 headshots.. ive hacked 4 accounts its rather easy now it takes like 10 mins just message me on my name “Fullysilencexd” btw ive heard you can hack to any prestige i only know how to hack tenth so sorry if your wanting ninth or something i cant do it.. thanx (ps3 only)

    • EAT-HAM

      my gt is EAT-HAM i have ps3 & i need 10th prestige hack ill give 250 headshots.

    • frozentigerclaws

      can u do it for me plz ill add u

    • ill give 250 head shots for prestige 10

  • Rashid

    Good i need peristige 10 thanks

  • zak james

    i will give 10000 head shots to the perso who sends me modern warfare 2 10nth prestige hack on ps3

  • Leroy JENKINS

    SERIOUSLY if u have to hack at MW2 to feel good about yourself get a friggin life u seriously need one. first of all i don’t even play the game that much and im already 10th and i didnt need a hack to get there and im tired of running into god dam hackers all the time in games if uve got to hack to be good at a game might as well do it by yourself with ur clan or w/e take that shat somewhere else cause seriously we dont need want or care to know how good you are and what the hell is with all the friggin spinning 10 emblems? first its prety dam hard to get it so i can understand if 1 or 2 people have it but not when i join a game and i see oh hey 9 people have it noone will want to play with u! and second if ur friggin wearing it when ur below 10 UR AN IDIOT u have to be 10th to get it in the first place so if ur ganna hack dont be a lazy hacker and just hack to 9th so people can yell and scream at u i mean come on. I get where u hackers are comming from ur so dependant on hacks that u suck at the game even more than you did before you hacked and i can get if ur hacking to 10th to get the class slots but not to lvl 70 thats like blowing 50 bucks on somthing you basicly just wont do shat with anymore its like paying off a ref in a fight NO ONE FRIGGIN CARES! so ya know what go ahead and hack emblems and titles i could care less because the next time im in a friggin game with hackers im leavin and i hope everyone supports me by doing the same so to all you hackers out there go frak urself

    • guddaboi97

      ok, leroy you are sooo freakin right about this an man listen on modern warfare 2 i am 8th pprestige lvl 70 an i have almost all emblems i have had 253 nukes legit and i have the spinning 10th prestige emblem but you can get that emblem by completing all prestige challenges before getting to 10th prestige. but who cares about modern warfare 2 what people need to be focusing on now is black ops. ok if you wanna add me on ps3 send me a message or just add me. my name guddaboi97 on black ops im 1st prestige lvl 43 hit me up sooon

  • I agree with Leroy JENKINS

  • Yermum

    If you think it’s stupid( which I agree) then WHY THE F**K WOULD YOU, teach people you moron?! Your stupider than all of this waste of time combined. F**kin retard.

  • mi giv prestig hack pls?

  • I can get you all tenth Prestidge but…..But…..Dont do this f your scared off people stealing your account but im not one of em. If you want tenth prestidge and level 70 all weapons, All Titles and emblems and all achievments for games (that means ALOT of gamerscore)….Email me at…..But , if your scared off all that shit…i understand..P.S I DO ALL THIS FOR FREE…But i do have to go into your account to do this!
    If you want me to do this…Send me the eamail you used to join XBL (xbox live) and password to that eamil and your gamertag…It doesnt have to have gold membership…But that helps ALOT!…..The process of me Doing all this can take from up to 1 day- 3 weeks….But you dont get it all at once…I can also Boost ranks and weapons for all games….Just email me with the stuff….bioctch!

  • Brown lopo!

    I can get you all tenth Prestidge but…..But…..Dont do this f your scared off people stealing your account but im not one of em. If you want tenth prestidge and level 70 all weapons, All Titles and emblems and all achievments for games (that means ALOT of gamerscore)….Email me at…..But , if your scared off all that shit…i understand..P.S I DO ALL THIS FOR FREE…But i do have to go into your account to do this!
    If you want me to do this…Send me the eamail you used to join XBL (xbox live) and password to that eamil and your gamertag…It doesnt have to have gold membership…But that helps ALOT!…..The process of me Doing all this can take from up to 1 day- 3 weeks…

  • peakcomp

    wats your name on mw2 on ps3 i didnt hack always looking for a challenge. gamer tag Peakcomp. =)

  • Leroy JENKINS

    yet again i see more frequent hackers in a dam game not only do you f**kers suck at the game but ur proclaiming to all the world that you suck at the game seriously this is my second post here like 3 days after I’ve seen double the dam hackers again NO ONE GIVES A DAM IF YOU HACK. 15 games in a god dam row I’ve seen hackers and what the hell is up that say they kick ass if you just hacked your way to a win with aiming bots, or speed hacks auto reloads, Jesus frigging Christ again i cant stand hackers and if you have to hack at the game go f**k yourself you need a life, you suck at the game, and you blew 50 bucks on it because YOU WILL NEVER PLAY IT. Actually try to earn the f**king titles instead of hacking you’ll be sooo much better off that way. in all the dam time you’ve spent here trying to get someone to hack ur ps3 or Xbox you could have been to prestige 10 and back again! Ive said it before and ill say it again hack titles and emblems all the f**k you want NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY WITH HACKERS GO F**K YOU SELF!!!!

  • guddaboi97

    on black ops, my best records are 108-21 nuketown demolition/104-19 radiation demolition/48-3 cracked demolition.the best records i have out right now but once again add guddaboi97 legit. also if you want you can add InFiNiTy_MaGiK and H_M_M_JaYc_J22. thoughs are all my accounts on PS3 ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • harry fryer


  • kryptsyde


  • John

    Evan is a f****** idiot. Who writes their own about the author? Eat d*** you self congratulatory f*** head.

  • kobi howell

    I have friends who hack the story mode in just about evey game they played includeing modern warfare 1, 2, and black ops
    more over hacking online for porposes such and argueing over it is just petty
    your a good gamer… you did your “time”, but
    waisting your life for a couple of titles and and emblems that dont help you out in the “Real World” is utter stupidity. sure he may be a higher reank than you but that doesnt mean you cant kick his A** the higher rank means that you have more experience not skill and the prestige is just another emblem or a way to start over because and the orgianl idea is that they dont want players to get bord. sure id hack to get those wothless extra classes and titles and emblems because they are not worth working up its been 2yres and i hevent prestige once, why? cuz working up to something as stupid as that is moranoic. in fact im a lv 66 . yea i suck cuz i tryed. hacks like aimbots , 5 guns, 6 perks, or the F***ing
    FAL hack as well as the chopper gunner/ac-130 care package hack are inconcivable and i will hate you with unamountable rage and report you. hacks in private lobies are commonly used for fun and i had fun doing it. hacks that dont really affect the public matches i could care less about them.( note:the 10th prestige just gives you more guns, perks, titles, ect. not skill) if you’d beg to differ id love your rebuttle
    my email

  • Chris

    I was playing last night and I guess I stumbled into a modded lobby? I backed out as quick as I could but half the damage was done. So now I have all the weapon extras unlocked at lvl 34. I’m kinda a purist and I’m pissed off that psn and infinity ward let this happen with no way to roll back. Have you heard of any way to restore an acct? Without losing progress?

    • Joe

      dam I did not know that could happen.If you contacted them within 24 hours of it occurring maybe they could. If you don’t or you have had it for more than a couple weeks I wouldnt try it because either way if they catch it your going to get suspended and reset for sure.

    • mike

      yes, I had the same problem. I was actually put into a modded lobby after everyone left the previous lobby. Didn’t even get a chance to play, game froze, and everything unlocked. Now it seems it installed some stuff on my ps3. Only learnt about this hack now.

  • I love the hack plz give me wibsite of hack

  • Dom

     excuxe the language but it really gets to me theres so few gamers out now 

  • usi786

    what is gsy.

    • Coby62800

      hay is these hacks

  • Lolk

    It’s not that we hack 10th prestige to give us an ego boost. We hack because its bullshit to have to get to level 70 10 times while being an average gamer. We don’t wanna waste our time getting to level 70, just to loose it all over again and again but we want the benefits that come with doing so.

  • Coby62600

    is these hacks

  • Smiffyboi12

    how do you get the link for the software to complete the hack on the pc

  • Hankmaggio

    anyone doing tenth prestige anymore