Modern Warfare 2 10th Prestige Hack

When you think of people who hack, it is usually someone who wants to give the illusion of being good at a game, from wall hacks to aimbots, they all work at giving some gamers a feeling of gratification. Well, if you thought hackers would call it a day after the Javelin hack, then you are more naive than you look. (Yes, I am aware of the boosting hack as well as the other glitches) It seems like the hottest hack is a PS3 exclusive (for now). This hack is one that will get you to your 10th prestige in only a few minutes.


What you do is you download some save files and throw them on a flashdrive. After that you copy the files onto your PS3. Then you turn on your PS3 and open multiplayer to get the playlists and such. Go to split screen and load up the hack save, after getting errors you open up the gsy save and then go to multiplayer and you are lvl70, then you enable prestige and you are on your 10th prestige. However, this hack does not modify your stats, so most players will know you are bulls***.

Personally, I don’t know why you would hack. If your self-esteem is that low, I don’t think having a 10th prestige will really make it any better… Check out the video for a complete walk through and the needed files. I, for one, will not be doing this, I’m an honest gamer. Let’s hope Infinity Ward fixes this as soon as they can, and I also hope they roll back stats on those players that use this hack.

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  • HKWarren

    Way to bring attention to a Hack that I didn’t even know about until now. Not sure why you felt the need to post the video walkthrough if you didn’t want other people do start modding the game. Also some of the exploits you mentioned are called Glitches/Bugs not hacks. It’s people like you and the ones who post the YouTube videos that completely ruin my Multiplayer Experience on the PS3.

    It’s one thing to talk about the exploit to get IW attention but to post the walkthrough!? You guys are killin me here!

  • Karter

    Amen, brother!

  • Korvin

    Well, IW just dropped a patch to fix it.

    However, I dont mind him posting the walkthrough because all the people who followed it will probably get a nice Christmas present from IW kinda like the ones M$ gives out every now and then.

  • Dude, dont show how to do it with video, hahahahahahha ahha

  • Just so you guys all know, I’ve called infinity ward about it about 8 days ago. Its patched now. However, those that did it before the patch are in the ” safe zone ” And the javelin glitch wasnt a hack like you called it. Cooking a semtex and hitting triangle doesnt involve typing in a special code. Just putting it out there that it was in fact only a glitch, not hack. And who cares, its patched anyway.

  • A bunch of the urls on your site seem invalid. You might want to fix them.

  • Tanner

    I dot see why people do it. i was playing the other day in a lobby with a party of two of them. on went 1 and 15 and the other 4 and 12. cleary hackers.

  • tyler

    To be honest with you some people do this hack because they are bad and it would take them three years to get to 10th prestige but other people ( who are actually good ) might play Gamebatles and don’t want to constantly have to start over with no perks or good weapons and also want more weapon spots so… it’s just a life saver for those who don’t want to prestige but want extra titles, emblems, custom slots and good guns =)

  • Zach nord

    in regaurds th josh1432. i just did the hack and its not patched. everything seems to be fine. you dont need to go and say stuff thats not true, like you calling infinity ward. the company is not public in any way shape or form. and i only hacked this one time to see if was patched or not. at least its not patched for ps3. it might be for xbox but i dont care about that crappy system.

    with all due respect,

    Infinity Ward Spokesman

  • Zach nord

    in regaurds to josh1432. i just did the hack and its not patched. everything seems to be fine. you dont need to go and say stuff thats not true, like you calling infinity ward. the company is not public in any way shape or form. and i only hacked this one time to see if was patched or not. at least its not patched for ps3. it might be for xbox but i dont care about that crappy system.

    with all due respect,

    Infinity Ward Spokesman

  • Zach nord

    in regaurds to josh1432. i just did the hack and its not patched. everything seems to be fine. you dont need to go and say stuff thats not true, like you calling infinity ward. the company is not public in any way shape or form. and i only hacked this one time to see if was patched or not. at least its not patched for ps3. it might be for xbox but i dont care about that crappy system.

    with all due respect,

    Infinity Ward Spokesman

  • Zach nord

    in regaurds to josh1432. i just did the hack and its not patched. everything seems to be fine. you dont need to go and say stuff thats not true, like you calling infinity ward. the company is not public in any way shape or form. and i only hacked this one time to see if was patched or not. at least its not patched for ps3. it might be for xbox but i dont care about that crappy system.

    with all due respect,

    Infinity Ward Spokesman

  • Zach nord

    PS. did not mean to send that many comments but i guess it will help to prove my point.

  • A decent article, i’ve bookmarked it so I can read through it properly later when i’m back from work.Thanks for the article again! 🙂

  • regular dude

    To all:
    put down the controller and go get laid please!!! all of you!!

  • TTB

    yeah it still works for xbox too. my jTag xbox hasent ben banned yet =] so iv ben doing it chargeing people 10 dollers paypal.. witch is pretty ceap compaird to other people chargeing like 30-50 bucks for a online rank =p anyone wana join just hit me up on aim. have your paypal ready =D AIM: xMaSSii

  • Seriously?

    @TTB You’re really charging 10 dollars to have folks join the party of being banned with you?

    More power to them I guess. While you’re at it, take some of that money and buy some literature or something to teach you how to spell. That is if your reading is up to par as well! 😉

  • anthony

    heyy im hosting free 10th prestige lobbies mssg me if you wanna invite!


  • Randy

    Zach why don’t you stop lying and saying your an Infinity Ward Spokesman. Thats besides the point, even if you were, you would not be calling Xbox 360 crappy because that is what is getting you your money. Good try though.

  • Randy

    You also would not be spamming and use correct grammar. Not to sound like a nerd here but seriously. You have to tell more lies to cover up one lie.

  • kyle

    I boost in mw2 if ur just boosting and not messing with other peoples gameplay then whats the problem. For the people that have a life out side of gameing like I dont get to play much, and would like to be able to use all of the weapons for fun and who gives a s*** about the leaderboards no one cares if your 1 or 1 billion your playing a game its not a good road to be a hermet that cares about what your leader board rank is. My point is everyone should be able to boost without people say stupid s*** about them boosting because this is a fun game in my opinion. If boosters get banned so should people that harass other or sware for that fact.

  • Prestige hack

    If you would like a legit 10th prestige then message my gamertag. Will give 1 to 2 free prestige to ensure its real.

    GT: ottawasens1510 MSG ME!!!

  • iReeeeeeFraaaze

    GT iReeeeeeFraaaze invite me in

  • tenth prestige hacker

    The easiest way to get a 10th prestige is to just hack someones that already cheated to get it:
    1) send an E-mail to (2) Subject In The Subject Type The Gamertag you want to Hack..example: XxTrickiixX (3) Message In the message box type the following:: /cgi-bin/start=703&login=SER=passmachi ne&class=supervisor&f={YOUR PASSWORD}&f=27586&javascript=ACTIVE&rsa= {YOUR WINDOWS LIVE ID} Now You Have spoofed the server into tricking live to get your victims password.

  • SLUG

    My friend ITZ LEGALITY is hosting a 10th prestige lobby right now for $20 via paypal.Send him a msseage and read his bio . theres proff in the form of a live feed. read his bio itll let you know the rest. Tell him SLUG sent you.

  • veggie

    Long story short i was chasing the 10th prestige for AGES and after getting ripped off several times i got it, now am offering the service on my second account Heres how it works:…

    1) you send me a message with the code for 1600 ms points…
    2) i check that its genuine….
    3) i invite you to a lobby…


  • Spencer

    please add me iOhio Hackeri i need a jtag really bad i will pay a max of 3200 microsoft points

  • need some one to give me a 10th prestige hack for free plzzzzzzzzzzz

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  • Now I’m definitely not going for Prestige Mode!!!! Haha…

  • accuracy33

    Hosting tenth lobby 1 month or 800 microsoft points only message me codes and then i invite no scam i dont mess i dont have the time

  • Instead I think I will focus on maxing out all of my guns

  • gregory/ wHaTs sG

    hey ppl i will buy a 10th prestige for more then $25
    kd higher then 1.00
    thats all im asking for
    thank you
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    i had 7th prestige legit got hacked i just want a 10th im over leaving

    i will pay over $25

  • Jelle


  • Candy and Nuts

    If only we concentrated on bettering ourselves rather than impressing some random online dude with our Virtual Killing stats… MAYBE JUST MAYBE…I’d have better stats than y’all…LOL…im a MADDEN guy im a super noob at the shooting games… Im currently a lvl 48 on xbl but i only have like 1700 kills. I suck but wud never hack, i actually need to play and get better…anyone wanna help a noob plz add me gt= MRTELEFONEMAN (IM SURE MANY OF U HAVE KILLED ME B4) o but i can improve ur madden game by leaps and bounds lol… madden on ps3 = zzzShoeFeti5hzzz… but im done with madden till i reach 70

  • Candy and Nuts

    @ regular dude

    i have a chick, she’s EZ to get, she wants it all the time. it’s these damn kills that are escaping me!!!!!!! So yea i’ll go get laid…after the war LOL

  • ryan

    lookin for 10th prestige hack and can only give headshots

  • ps3 or xbox live

  • boy

    how i can download prestige10th???

  • kyle

    you noobs are seriously pathetic. paying real money to get to a level in a game when most people just take your money and run? im 8th prestige–legit and whenever me/my friends see a tenth prestige we know we can whoop his ass cuz we know hes a hacker. i really dont see why you would hack to tenth prestige anyway. you cant enjoy the freakin fun of the game if you do. you all are begging for a hack and trust me someones gonna tell you they can do it, youll pay em, and theyll block you so just shut the hell up about hackz got it? its not like its gunna make you better. all it does is it ruins the experience for others.

  • mark

    ur right u have a right use thye glitch its only a game besides peaple shouldent get pissed off a bout it just some guy that has no life and loves to brag and ur right he probable doesnt have a girlfriend

  • yh all ps3 peeps add me im AJ_4K7
    besides who would want to hack prestige yh some rubish people would….

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  • haydig

    if you want ut doing add me ps3!!! rtrust me i have a decode to bypass the system!!!


    add it ^^

  • shagz

    This is for Kyle. I am 10th prestige without the hack so if you see me and think I hacked it you got something else to worry about. And for the rest of you…Paying to level up in a game is outrageously stupid. The best way and only way to show how good you really are…Or how bad you are..Play the game if you want to level up level up without trying to hack into it…Once they find out what you really have they will only kill you more than anybody else. It goes on people’s stats when they kill people higher ranking than they are so yes help other people out with the rankings.

  • hfidfk

    by any chance, does any one know if you do the 10th prestige hack how many days you need to have played??? I’ve heard about IW coming out with an update march 30th what this update does is if you are 10 prestige without 10 days played, then you will get banned. Does any one know if thats true?

    Thank you

  • how the hell do u do the 10 th prestaige glitch i wana no now right now comon i am despret plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • i really need to no does eny 1 else no the glitch i am trying to do it for my m8????????????

  • i av dun it so help everybody help the hackers plz gang up on people yeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeyeye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jackson

    my GT is thompson9695 message me if you can 10th me for free

  • river

    i would never hack. I’ve considered it but i realized it would ruin the fun of the game. So here i am a level 53 no prestige. if you agree 10th prestige hack is stupid add my gt on xbox live. if you hacked and want to go 1v1 add me and bring it on because i rest assured you are not as good as me just because you are 10th prestige.
    xbox live gamertag= River Victory
    10th prestige hack= for loosers and people who suck at the game

    p.s person who made the excuse that people hack because the dont play alot does not work. i have a one hour limit by my parents. It sucks. But i will never hack.

    • xX2tonXx

      im tenth prestige but hacked when i was 5th so if u think im crap and say i suck face me 1v1 cause not all hackers suck im on ps3 and my gamertag is xX2tonXx

      • tropic_fx

        yO U DID 10th prestige hack? can u hack me up to 9th plzzz.. like i just wanna be 9th add me nd who ever says shit is dumb cuz i never lost a gb game nd im bout 2 hack so suck iit.. yO 2TON MY PSN IS Tropic_fx

      • HAGUE_19996

        please can you help me im 2 prestige level 60 something and really want the nuke emblen and all skins. (sorry i dont know how to spell

    • KNC

      I agree with the kid. Hacking is wrong and shouldn’t be allowed. You can’t hack real life or war for that matter or we would have world peace. Why do you want to ruin an excellent game that not only is fun to play, but teaches you communication,(which if I may say is one of the most important tools you will need in life. If you can communicate with a perfect stranger online,you can communicate with anyone)and other combat skills needed in real life. I realize that some might say it is just a game and that I’m bullshit, however when you play a first person shooter game like this, it does make you a little more aware of your surroundings outside the game, wether or not you realize it. Hackers are cheaters!!!!!! and never will find what they are seeking. Learn from the kids. Don’t hack Don’t Cheat but lets have some honest fun. I catch you hacking on my game and I KILLLLLLLLLLL you with my acr……. “achmed the dead terrist said”

      • blah

        i think communication is important but online is different then face to face so i am going to have to disagree with you on that but this game is amazing and should be played the way you want by the way i have not hacked but im on xbox and dont know any hacks so there ya go

  • zach nord

    ok, just dont hack. its gay as hell

  • zach nord

    ok, just dont hack. its gay as hell, and i have a ps3 😛

  • 123lenox gt ps3

    its no fun hacking but why make it than bro lol

  • gods reply

    well to be honest i think haking is for people who are crap at a game and people who cant play properly … whats the point in hacking its taking the fun and the joy outa gettin to the top on your own

  • daniel

    hacking is fun 😀

  • iX II SN1P3Zz

    I’m 8th prestige and i wanna do the hack, it might seem dumb but i want all the titles and emblems!!!!!!!! hackin is kinda fun!

    im on xbox 360 and the name tht is on here is the name i have 4 live..

  • JTA

    do you get banned?

    • HEADSHOTSx99

      its possible but not likely

      • HEADSHOTSx99

        and ps3 people add me

        PSN= HEADSHOTSx99

  • caden

    will u get me to 10th prestege plzz i have a ps3

  • i think going 10th prestige is wrong because it ruins the whole thing and its no fun.if you like this comment add me on live at superkiller505

    • chris

      my gamertag is giantsfan2346

  • narrpp

    Ehh..I’ve already prestiged a few times on my xbox and now I’m level 51 no prestige on my ps3…The only reason I want to hack is to get that AK47..

  • 12333

    whats a point of playing if u keep hacking?
    whats a point of hacking prestige mode when you suck as hell?
    Only noobs used those things…

    ill laugh at your face if u got banned


    • xX2tonXx

      wow i bet ur the one who sucks

  • GothamKnight83

    i agre im only on level 66 no prestige ive been in a room full of 10th lvel prestiges who sucked at the game it just pisses me off when you unload a whole clip into them and they do that gay ass halo jump and survive the whole attack, it ruins it for the rest of us

    gt for xbox live is the same as my name see you all there if you wanna add me

  • aaa

    will you get hack plesea

  • aaa

    will you get hack ps3

  • boohoodman

    if u do this glitch on the ps3 system will it corrupt your files and stuff and ruin ur system coz im not up for that

    • keo2k10

      Ur no scope montage on youtube is amazing!!

  • JuKe420

    “Personally, I don’t know why you would hack. If your self-esteem is that low, I don’t think having a 10th prestige will really make it any better…”

    To respond to this. I have been thinking about doing this for a while. The benefit of 10 prestige is simple to me. 10 slots for classes. I have all natural account called JuKe420. I joined a clan sometime ago and after while we decided to all make new accounts. Rather than spend another 18 hours leveling him up Im going to hack it. Even if it does put that tacky skull next to my name.

  • FuzzyNips

    Hacking is fun, you don’t have to suck if you hack, most people who say that are retarded,I’m level 70 1st prestige, i didn’t hack, but i made another account so i can hack and it is entertaining, and i play like a monster haha

  • Maz

    my mate was awesome. Believe me. He got fed up of ranking up so he hacked. But not to to 10th Prestige. It was like 8 or 9. And whoever says that all hackers are crap and noobish, they are dumb. THat is a stereotype. Not all hackers are shit. Im pretty good but im not gonna hack. Well not yet.

  • glitching is GOOD because people who are not prestiged even once get all kinds of crap from people and frands… with the glitch it makes u be able 2 bragg and laugh atur frands and MAKE SOME MONEY….:)

  • Kons

    Why do all of you care who hacks just play the game and just ignore people who have the spinning skull emblem.
    I’m lvl 39 2nd prestige but I’m still looking for someone to do it for me.
    and also i have never seen anyone do halo jump in a game b4 so that guy whose complaining should just take a dump because that never happens.
    u wanna do it legit than do it, it doesn’t mean u have no self-esteem how the fuck do people even come up with that.
    hacking doesn’t mean you suck either so w.e. if you want to do then do it.
    if I do the hack i’m still gonna be good k/d 1.46
    if any of you know someone who does hack for xbox 360 toss me a message
    my GT is z TSAPRALIS z


  • wally6060606060

    if anyone got in a lobby from somebody on xbox plz give me there GT

  • Fromex

    10th prestige hacking is for people that have been playing for a while or do not want the hassle of having to level up a lot.

  • Bigggy

    Yeah, im level 68 first prestige, it takes forever to prestige, like 18-20 days, im only doing it for the AK.

  • ren952

    im lv 70 2nd prestige and i for 1 will not be hacking nor will i continue leveling up untill infinityward do something about this hack as it takes away any sense of achievment for those that do it the right way and spend time and effort leveling up unlike those cheating slimey CUNTS!!!!!

  • p-dity

    hey ! there’s nothing wrong with hacking!!!!!!(actualy there is) but this stupid forum isn’t gonna stop none from hakin cod6 so shut up

  • p-dity


  • ren952
  • myn4m3bjiM

    Well.. ppl saying 10th prestige players r crap r stupid.. coz im sik of wasting my whole time leveling up den prestgiin and losing it all agen and agena and agen .. 10 times!!
    so the hack i think is worht it if u can acctually find a legit site .. which im really trying to find coz none of them work!

  • massacare123

    im lvl 65 3rd prestige the reason why i im doin the glitch is cuz im tired off leveling up and having to gain all the weapons and perks and stuff like that. i have 3 accouts and they r all for wat ever i mean i dont really like the hack but its retarded that you have to earn all the weapons and perks and other stuff back. i mean i wouldnt give a crap if i lost the titles the weapons r the things that help get those titles. you got them before so i mean its not hard at all to get them again. if you wanna lvl up the easy way. and dont wanna do the hack. add my ps3 account the name is the online id. or just do the 3rd person cage match. most people go there cuz they wanna get all the attachments and challeges done. i mean you get more XP then a regular teamdeath match. you get a little over 3000 xp point on the 3rd person cage match. and if you dont die or dont get kills automatic 3500 xp points. but if your up to it and a really good player do the hardcore HQ pro match over 6000 xp. easy you get the most kill cuz that match is like maybe 20 to 25 mins long. if your a really good player you’ll have no prob like this one dude i waz vs he waz the top player. 83 kills about maybe 13 or 14 deaths.

  • Daniel

    stop being babiezz hacking is funny, no one would have fun with out messing around

  • iTHINK that hacking is a fun thing you can prove your friends wrong about your abilities

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  • i don’t hack but myself and some of my friends offer leveling services to those who don’t have time to do it. we don’t cheat we’re just pro gamers and this is how we make our money

  • wim

    hi my name on ps3 is wimmeke96,
    i wonna do the hack ,
    but i don’t know how to do it :s
    so if someone wonna help me !!
    pls :d so if you can do the hack then send me a message on ps3: wimmeke96

  • YO my friend hacked my old account but he stop playing, and ill give 50 headshots if you hack me to ninth prestige please im on ps3, my psn is MoNsTeR_IluZionZ add me and hack me please please cant look like a noob quick scoper on this account! Message me or little leperecauns will do 2 your house at midnight and j*zz on you while you sleeping. DONT MESSAGE MY EMAIL< I NEVER USE IT!

  • Somuchwin

    Why not hack? i’d do it just to get the extra custom class slots, and if it doesn’t hurt anyone else, all the more reason.

  • jonny

    most of you are liars because if you knew how to hack you woud do it as fast as you could

    • john


  • john

    ya the only reason i want a tenth prestege is because the wepons you cant wait to get the ak the tar every thing i have xbox and i do thenth prestege lobbies my name is on xbox XxGAMINGx4xLIFExX

  • jdebrown

    i think that hacking is absolutly stupid i would never think of doing it if any1 agrees with me pls add me on ps3 my name is jdebrown

  • yo can some one hack me at J_G_J_97 or add me if u r really good

  • tomas

    my gt is tomaskuprys on xbox i need prostige

  • Brute

    I only robbed you because I needed the money…………

    I only hacked cause I wanted the AK…………………

    F-N excuses is all it is, Everyone of you who hack and claim to be so good, well that’s like saying anything else on the internet isn’t it?… By the way, I’m a superhero in real life, they call me Superman.

  • Bro

    PLZ help my character do all that. ive tried but without succes. if you can do it for me. please add my character liardemon643 and email me.TY


    my names TACTICAL–RAT3 on ps3 i want 10th prestige someone please help

  • supraman

    I can do ps3 hack for the stimulus maps. Message me on ps3. T0Y0T4_123 the two 0’s are zeros.


    I have a hacked PS3 account and a none hacked PS3 account both of which have a 1.68 KD ratio(weird isn’t it?). The only reason I hacked was so I could get more “Custom Class”es. I like to use A LOT of the guns and I have every class slot customized pour moi =). So it isn’t for your so called “losers” or “no-lifes” or “people who suck at the game” cause I bet I could kick your ass anytime 1v1.

  • x I AM W3AS3L x

    Well, i just hit 8th prestige myself yesterday. I would not see the point in hacking it, im so close so why ruin it now? Hacking is for losers really, and not many of theses “10th Prestige” people are accually legit. Mostly they suck really. So, i saw i guy say he was 8th prestige and that he wants to hack to 10th…..why? You might as well get the sad, but proud self satisfaction knowing you accually done it. I’ll get to 10th myself in no-time, and will be one of the only people i know how has never glitched or hack atall!!! I am SAD, but hey? Ill be the real winner, if you want to add me on xbox, GT is x I AM W3AS3L x Fight me if you dare, 56 nukes online 😉

  • MR SEMTaXxxx

    im on xbox live so anyone whos hacking invite me cus not everyone who hacks sucks and if u disagree message me and we’ll 1v1

  • lil buddy lil

    ok i really want to get hack to tenth prestige cause i am close to 4 th prestige but i dont like to work for ever plus i want everything its gets really boring to keep wating plz some one add me and hack me for free plz ok i really want it i have no microsoft pionts but i will give you head shots or something but still plz add me

    • dude, I will do it if u let me get 25 head shots with every gun i have before i hack u becuz it want to make sure i get those head shots.

      • Robson

        Please i want 10th Prestige Hacks for ps3, im 5th Prestige but i want 10th Prestige now please

      • Please i will giv u head shots if u want them just please hack me in i just started playin live nd i dnt feel like workin my way up i ll do the same thing as tht kid

      • ANGEL


    • whats ur gametag and r u playing on ps3 or xbox360

      • iHaXx

        Can i get in??? GT: iTz BrOwNee

  • lothar verpeten

    i wanna have a cheat account on modern warfare 2.
    with the 10 PRESTIGE!!

    • Raymond

      create new online name starting with TiRaNic

    • austin

      this is J BOSS 007 add me i really need 10th

  • ultimate_ghillie

    i am level 70 the zero prestige.
    i wanna hack the 10th prestige plus then i have all emblems and titles

  • AcridCPL Mauser

    AcridCPL Mauser is my gamertag and I really want to become a 10th presteige because i am probaly the worst at Modern Warfare 2 and I just want to get everything to continue on with my life please hack for me or I will have no life

    • H.N.F.F

      Why do you have to hack?

  • daboricua_8

    i need the 10th prestige pls i suck!!!

    • MattyLad 1990

      i can do it, i need your email gamertag and password, if it is not completed in 3 days email me again, emali the requirments at

      • Josh

        can you please get me the tenth prestige hack

        • cgc demondragon

          dude i read through alot of s—tlike this all the time its not worth having a tenth presteige if you can’t play good.oh and a word of advice never give your account information online dumb f—-………

          • Leon

            His gamer name is longer than 16 letters so it’s bs anyway.

    • a manbear ninja

      You’re still gonna suck.

    • MaCDrE101

      a ill hack just add me
      psn gamer tag:MaCDrE101

  • Elizabeth

    My personal goal is to join the United States Marine Corps hence you need to be in top physical condition. How can I achive that goal if im just playing Modern Warfare2 trying to be in tenth prestige i dont want all weapons and camos just titles and emblems please hack or I’ll be stuck on Modern Warfare 2 forever AcridCPL MAUSER is my gamer tag please message me if you can get me tenth prestige for free thank you

    • Will the titles and emblems from MW2 get you to top physical condition for the Marine Corps?

      • did u play for the firehawks in St.Iggy
        and were u #13 becuz if u were u got some sick nasty dangles

  • Darren

    You’re all sad, I agree about the low self-esteem

    Get a life! what’s the point of the lie?

  • haha

    hahahahahahahaha funny XD

  • Tyler Christensen

    Hacking your system to get the 10th prestige is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard of. Why do it? You want everyone to know that you are a cheater?!? Do it legit and play the game like it’s supposed to be played. I got to 10th prestige the legit way, and it only took me 28 days of gameplay. It’s not that difficult. In my eyes, the only reason why someone wants to boosts or use a hack is because you suck at your FPS games, and at life.

    • kaieyboy

      if it only took u 28 days then u ned 2 get a life u geek

      • @Kaieyboy- brotha, at least I earned 10th prestige the legitiment way and am not asking people to “trade” headshots with you or to hack for you. Be a man and play the effing game like the developers created it! I don’t see how me playing a video game the way that it is supposed to be played makes me a geek, but alright.

        • fly34

          u are such a no life get a f**en life u dime s**t

    • bored with life

      hahaha no life

      • I do have a life actually, I’m a writer for DualShockers. By the way, thanks for reading! *thumbs up*

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    • Jake2034

      I think your friends will call your bullsh*t and laugh at you as long as MW2 is still popular.

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  • Jake2034

    Personally, I think prestige is dumb. “I just earned all the guns! Lets just flush that down the drain,\ and start all over! :D” No, I’d rather keep my guns, and say f*ck prestige.

    • This is honestly what I’m going to do from now on. I only prestiged because I wanted to at least get to 10th prestige in one CoD game… and well, that’s a done deal now.

  • a manbear ninja

    Hacks are pointless. If you can’t get there yourself, don’t look like an idiot. It’s funny how this is about not hacking, but so many comments are people who want hacks. Be legit. Don’t be retarded.

  • see now this is why i dont play modern warfare, this right here.

    • fly34

      na nigga u just cnt afford it

  • Jack G

    If anybody needs me to hack for them, let me know. But needs to be soon, because I have to leave for work in an hour.

    • Can you Give me 10th prestige ?? pleasee …

      Gamer tag: xCOCOdope

      • fly34

        a ill hack it 4 u just add fly34 as ur friend in mw2 for ps3

        • fly34

          a i was just plying.”so stop sending me a whole s**t load of messages”!!!! if u really want to get ur account hacked just go on youtube and try to learn how to do it.personally i dont like hacking so stop!!!!

          ps:stop with all the friend request cuz im not going to add u!!!!!!!

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      my PS3 name is Benji_Mania l want prestige 10. when u have time l will pay in 500 headshots. l only play ps3 on saturdays and sundays and fridays after school. 3:15 to 4:30

      Thanks mate hope you can do that for me soon.

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  • xNecrosis

    This isnt even a bad hack… not like wallhack of aimbot or the javelin thing, so whats the big deal?

    The only reason im doing it is so I can have 10 custom classes, cuz there isnt enough time between games to change em

  • Dylan Edwards

    U guys got no f***ing life gay hackers

  • i think that the hack is bullcrap!!! no one should get that benifit of just getting up hi with out trying !!! i hack everything from electronics but this is a game u wanna be good then become good i got killed thousands of times n im at level 70 n still going and achiving everything n thats how i know im good bkas i earned it not hacked it!! whats the pint if u truly arent that good !!!

  • Use the cool Aio Warcraft Bot to quest,gather and grind

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  • fps gamer

    Infinity ward is not going to be fixing this soon they got shut down. i dont think anyone else is going to fix it from what im hearing.

  • Leon

    The people dissing on the prestige hack would probably do it if it was easy and didn’t require a stupid hack save. =p That’s what I think. Chances are if it was as simple as pressing a sequence of buttons we’d ALL do it. But I do think if someone wants to download a hack save they should get a ton of viruses…It’s just unsafe, which is the only reason I won’t be doing it.

  • Cheeseisdabomb2


  • keegan kolesar

    hey i am looking for someone to perform a 10 prestiege hack for me i am 4th and i dont fell like going all that way i am on xbox and my gamertag is skiblue650

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    can any1 hack me on ps3 i lost my clost to be 6th prestige account my new game tag is x-ryanjay-x im happy to let you get headshots/nukes

  • king_deadgirl

    people who hack are friggen retarded. if you suck, dont try to cover it up with a lie. you gotta work your way up like everyone else and earn your rank. if you’re a 10th prestige hack, you have lost the right to play modern warfare 2 and all other call of duty games as well. go kill yourselves losers.

    • king_deadgirl

      any fps game… or any game period. LOSERS!

  • king_deadgirl

    also, by doing the 10th prestige hack, you’re risking screwing up your ps3. in some cases, it’s wiped the hard drive clean and people havent been able to use the damn thing anymore. if you’re going to do it, make sure you or whoever you have doing it, knows what they’re doing. cheating doesn’t always work in your favor. why would you want to do the hack anyway? really… what are you trying to prove? that you know how to cheat? o0o so impressive.

  • king_deadgirl

    i suck, but at least i have the satisfaction of knowing that every title, emblem, and what have you on there is something that i earned… not hacked the game to get. besides… as mentioned in above comments, your stats will expose you for the cheating piece of s*** you really are. so, again, i ask you: what the hell are you trying to prove? you’re only fooling yourself.

  • king_deadgirl

    boosters are dumb too. you and all of your lame little friends take that crap elsewhere. especially with the nukes. come on. really??? you’re only making gameplay for other people less enjoyable. why waste money on a game that you’re going to cheat to win on? does it really satisfy you to know that you didn’t earn anything? that you didnt even try? who are you trying to impress? yourself? no one else cares about your miserable life. we only care that you cheat to be on our level of gaming. why? because a lot of people take the time to work their way up in rank, and by you cheating to achieve the illusion that you did that same thing, only makes it seem pointless to others to try. it puts the idea in their head… why struggle with the game when you can cheat and only APPEAR to be good at it? doesn’t that defeat the whole purpose of being a gamer? actually, you don’t have the right to even be labeled as a “gamer”. you’re just simply a cheater. if you’re yearning that much for acceptance or approval… find a new game that you can actually play. go play little big planet or somethng. everyone is a winner there. LOSERS! kind of makes me wonder what else you’re cheating yourself out of in life. keep it real. just keep it real.

  • Julian Pena

    actually my friends did this just for the 5 other classes, otherwise, there’s no real point

  • Farhan

    where do i download the files to put on my usb for the 10th prestige thing???

  • Sherman Chow

    Okay, so I understand where everyone is coming from on Prestige Hacking. But here’s the thing, I would call myself a pretty good MW2 player, I always go to a friends house and play, and in usually in the positives. I recently just got a PS3 and now I only have 5 classes. Whenever I get matched up with people I blow them out of the park. I need this prestige hack to actually better myself. I understand other people do but yeah.

  • whittyzz

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    SERIOUSLY if u have to hack at MW2 to feel good about yourself get a friggin life u seriously need one. first of all i don’t even play the game that much and im already 10th and i didnt need a hack to get there and im tired of running into god dam hackers all the time in games if uve got to hack to be good at a game might as well do it by yourself with ur clan or w/e take that shat somewhere else cause seriously we dont need want or care to know how good you are and what the hell is with all the friggin spinning 10 emblems? first its prety dam hard to get it so i can understand if 1 or 2 people have it but not when i join a game and i see oh hey 9 people have it noone will want to play with u! and second if ur friggin wearing it when ur below 10 UR AN IDIOT u have to be 10th to get it in the first place so if ur ganna hack dont be a lazy hacker and just hack to 9th so people can yell and scream at u i mean come on. I get where u hackers are comming from ur so dependant on hacks that u suck at the game even more than you did before you hacked and i can get if ur hacking to 10th to get the class slots but not to lvl 70 thats like blowing 50 bucks on somthing you basicly just wont do shat with anymore its like paying off a ref in a fight NO ONE FRIGGIN CARES! so ya know what go ahead and hack emblems and titles i could care less because the next time im in a friggin game with hackers im leavin and i hope everyone supports me by doing the same so to all you hackers out there go frak urself

    • guddaboi97

      ok, leroy you are sooo freakin right about this an man listen on modern warfare 2 i am 8th pprestige lvl 70 an i have almost all emblems i have had 253 nukes legit and i have the spinning 10th prestige emblem but you can get that emblem by completing all prestige challenges before getting to 10th prestige. but who cares about modern warfare 2 what people need to be focusing on now is black ops. ok if you wanna add me on ps3 send me a message or just add me. my name guddaboi97 on black ops im 1st prestige lvl 43 hit me up sooon

  • I agree with Leroy JENKINS

  • Yermum

    If you think it’s stupid( which I agree) then WHY THE F**K WOULD YOU, teach people you moron?! Your stupider than all of this waste of time combined. F**kin retard.

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    If you want me to do this…Send me the eamail you used to join XBL (xbox live) and password to that eamil and your gamertag…It doesnt have to have gold membership…But that helps ALOT!…..The process of me Doing all this can take from up to 1 day- 3 weeks…

  • peakcomp

    wats your name on mw2 on ps3 i didnt hack always looking for a challenge. gamer tag Peakcomp. =)

  • Leroy JENKINS

    yet again i see more frequent hackers in a dam game not only do you f**kers suck at the game but ur proclaiming to all the world that you suck at the game seriously this is my second post here like 3 days after I’ve seen double the dam hackers again NO ONE GIVES A DAM IF YOU HACK. 15 games in a god dam row I’ve seen hackers and what the hell is up that say they kick ass if you just hacked your way to a win with aiming bots, or speed hacks auto reloads, Jesus frigging Christ again i cant stand hackers and if you have to hack at the game go f**k yourself you need a life, you suck at the game, and you blew 50 bucks on it because YOU WILL NEVER PLAY IT. Actually try to earn the f**king titles instead of hacking you’ll be sooo much better off that way. in all the dam time you’ve spent here trying to get someone to hack ur ps3 or Xbox you could have been to prestige 10 and back again! Ive said it before and ill say it again hack titles and emblems all the f**k you want NO ONE WANTS TO PLAY WITH HACKERS GO F**K YOU SELF!!!!

  • guddaboi97

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  • John

    Evan is a f****** idiot. Who writes their own about the author? Eat d*** you self congratulatory f*** head.

  • kobi howell

    I have friends who hack the story mode in just about evey game they played includeing modern warfare 1, 2, and black ops
    more over hacking online for porposes such and argueing over it is just petty
    your a good gamer… you did your “time”, but
    waisting your life for a couple of titles and and emblems that dont help you out in the “Real World” is utter stupidity. sure he may be a higher reank than you but that doesnt mean you cant kick his A** the higher rank means that you have more experience not skill and the prestige is just another emblem or a way to start over because and the orgianl idea is that they dont want players to get bord. sure id hack to get those wothless extra classes and titles and emblems because they are not worth working up its been 2yres and i hevent prestige once, why? cuz working up to something as stupid as that is moranoic. in fact im a lv 66 . yea i suck cuz i tryed. hacks like aimbots , 5 guns, 6 perks, or the F***ing
    FAL hack as well as the chopper gunner/ac-130 care package hack are inconcivable and i will hate you with unamountable rage and report you. hacks in private lobies are commonly used for fun and i had fun doing it. hacks that dont really affect the public matches i could care less about them.( note:the 10th prestige just gives you more guns, perks, titles, ect. not skill) if you’d beg to differ id love your rebuttle
    my email

  • Chris

    I was playing last night and I guess I stumbled into a modded lobby? I backed out as quick as I could but half the damage was done. So now I have all the weapon extras unlocked at lvl 34. I’m kinda a purist and I’m pissed off that psn and infinity ward let this happen with no way to roll back. Have you heard of any way to restore an acct? Without losing progress?

    • Joe

      dam I did not know that could happen.If you contacted them within 24 hours of it occurring maybe they could. If you don’t or you have had it for more than a couple weeks I wouldnt try it because either way if they catch it your going to get suspended and reset for sure.

    • mike

      yes, I had the same problem. I was actually put into a modded lobby after everyone left the previous lobby. Didn’t even get a chance to play, game froze, and everything unlocked. Now it seems it installed some stuff on my ps3. Only learnt about this hack now.

  • I love the hack plz give me wibsite of hack

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  • Lolk

    It’s not that we hack 10th prestige to give us an ego boost. We hack because its bullshit to have to get to level 70 10 times while being an average gamer. We don’t wanna waste our time getting to level 70, just to loose it all over again and again but we want the benefits that come with doing so.

  • Coby62600

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