How Infinity Ward Can Solve Their Glitching Woes for Good

If you’ve played Infinity Ward’s, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 anytime during the past 3 weeks then you should already know about the glitching/cheating/boosting that I am referring to in the title of this article. If you are living under a rock, and don’t keep up with much of the gaming industry goings on, then this brief breakdown HERE. So now that your up to speed with what’s going on, here’s an idea of how Infinity Ward can solve all of this, but it’s not with the patch fix that you think (or the you’re waiting on).

To understand these recent happenings online, I think it’s good to know a little piece of the history behind it. One thing that has been a big part of gaming for the past decade or so (especially on the PC) is the idea of modifications or mods. It really garnered mainstream success after the launch of this one small title. You might have heard of it, it’s called Half-Life.

Mods have changed a whole lot in a very short time. It was started as a means of expressing one’s creative talents by using the tools or exploits found within a game’s programming. It proved to be a creative license of sorts for people who have little to no knowledge of how to actually program, are now able to make changes as they see fit.

When thinking about in that respect the idea of mods is actually pretty cool. There have been times when people are able to tune a game into being even more engaging than the original title by using it’s tools and loopholes found throughout. Does Counterstrike Source ring a bell? It should because that was originally a mod.

So in the same way that mods can be used to create, they can be also used to destroy. Destroy may be a strong word, but they can definitely be used to really devastate someone’s experience with a game. This past generation, and late into the last one (Halo 2 stand-by glitch anyone?) modding/glitching has since transformed into a non-stop search for loopholes in titles in order to provide advantages over other players.


Some would argue that these loopholes are simply cheats or glitches, and they are but they are still considered mods, as the user is modifying the game to their needs whilst creating some sort of advantage. Even if it’s a bug that should have been picked up during testing, perhaps a broken texture, if you are using it to an advantage then you are modifying what is supposed to be a level playing field.

The recent exploits taking place in Modern Warfare 2 are just that. Although many would argue, especially thoseagainst it (like myself), you still have to give some credit to those that discovered these loopholes in such short time. No one likes to be dragged into these matches, where more often than not you go something like 5-40 and destroy your kill to death ratio in the process but at the same time, these dirty rotten cheating modders have really done something incredible by taking the game and making it their own.

Recently, I went into a team deathmatch lobby where I heard one player telling another about this “awesome and fun” game type (his words not mine) that comes up from time to time. As he was talking I quickly realized that he was in fact talking about playing in a glitched match, and was really excited telling his friend all about it. In my mind I’m thinking to myself “I hate those dirty fucking cheaters” while this guy is describing it as the best thing to happen to gaming since the analog stick. Talk about one man’s trash being another man’s treasure, but then it dawned on me.

This guy may actually be on to something. He can’t be the only idiot who thinks it’s fun, right? Sheesh, maybe I’m in the minority! Maybe people actually like it more than hate it. With that said and upon further review, and discussions with other hardcore MW2’ers we came to the conclusion that Infinity Ward should maybe look into the idea of making a mod gametype playlist! Does that sound too crazy? I don’t think so.

If it were to be done this way it would make all parties happy. I figured it would keep the regular gametypes free of garbage. And we get to pack all of the online idiots into there own community where they could only get on each others nerves instead of everyone else’s. If they want to play “Free For All” matches in the Rust map with automatic firing AC-130 gunships, as well as non-stop chopper gunners, while completely fudging up their stats…well then more power to them. As long as others and myself can enjoy the game that for which we all paid $60 (I paid $120 for both 360 and PS3 versions) for without getting cheated we’ll all be happy.

Just give the online losers what they need to we can play in peace. Oh and reset stats by the way, to bring all of the boosters back down to earth! You can’t always get what you want, but give these modders what they need so I (or anyone else) don’t need to bothered by them any more. Thanks for listening.

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  • xTr3ndS3ttax

    xD more pathetic articles on mw2 glithces?…shame you DualShockers


    Usually i would just read an article and then go tell my friends or just laugh at the attempt.

    But this is actually what i have been thinking, i actually enjoyed those 18 FFA matches on rust and would actually choose that gametype if it existed.

    Not to say that i am a cheater/glitcher or anything, its just fun …. nothing wrong with that and i am very well capable of playing a regular game

  • some of the glitche that have been found are pretty bad.
    But ive found glitched lobby’s and games by mistake, by going into 3rd person cage match, 3rd person team tactical. Free for all and ground war.
    Boosting isnt really cheating at all, its just improving stats. The actual glitches are the unlimited ammo (which is crazy) are being done by modders. Infinfty ward should have put some form of beta/ demo test for users to find these glitches. Its really their own fault for not doing so.

  • PantherDST

    I think you missed the point of your own article… I quote “as the user is modifying the game to their needs whilst creating some sort of advantage.” People who glitch will still invade an honest game in order to gain an advantage. They would only use the MOD playlist you offer to perfect thier technique prior to employing it in a honest game to thier advantage.

  • Phear Chyld

    Hackers and Modders are two completely separate things. Why would anyone think they are the same. Cheating at Halflife did not spawn Counter-Strike. Offering a SDK does not imply that developers are catering to hacks or their creation. Development needs to patch MW2, create a SDK (PC) and bring back dedicated servers.

  • hey

    resetting wont do nothin…bypass patch then prestige hack…then download patch

  • bobdole

    5-40? maybe your doing something wrong or maybe thats just your skill level. Adapt and overcome. I’m not saying the modding is a good thing, but at least in all the cases so far (save for the javelin glitch) in MW2 it never makes things uneven, just gives them a change. You have the same advantages/disadvantages as everyone else when matches are modded. Maybe its infinite ammo, or one I saw today super speed (made the announcer sound like alvin the chipmunk) but everyone has it. Your scores of 5-40 are just a testament to your inability to think outside the box. Try a new weapon or a new strategy. At the very least just put on martyrdom when your going into rust FFA. That by itself should give you a close to even K-D. Also your idea is about as original as the start button. I’ve heard tons of people in game, and on the forums say the same thing. So for recap, 5-40 K-D, unoriginal ideas, … you sir, bring nothing to the table 🙂

  • @ xTr3ndS3ttax – your attempt at a full sentence really is the shame. The idea of having separate servers for modders is an interesting one that some people would enjoy, some people do like the mods, others that are hardcore MW2 fans do not. Not sure what exactly makes this pathetic from your vantage point?

    @ bobdole – I understand your perspective on adaptation but then again that would be forcing people to create a class just for glitched games. that would not be right for hardcore players. It would be the equivalent of telling a Madden player to adapt to not having a spin or juke, why should they?

    Up until recently people did not even believe that the glitching existed and were calling us liars for reporting it. It is interesting how things have turned.

  • Scottism22

    I don’t think that would work as well as intended. Because you have a modded playlist modders are going to go in and realize that their mods aren’t really giving them an advantage, so they will inevitably go into the normal gametypes again just to gain the advantage. Nice idea though.

  • ric

    if you need to cheat on a game(only a game )with no money involved, you need to try to get a job with a mw2 makers. play the game how it was made