9 Year Old Murdered Over Tony Hawk Ride

It pains me to say that only 2 days into the new year and we already have our first video game related death. It comes at the hands of a 25 year old New York City resident by the name of Alejandro Morales. Morales 25, was charged with the murder of 9 year old Anthony Maldonado. Anthony,  who is from Pallisades Park N.J. was spending the weekend at his uncle’s Harlem apartment. The boy had been excited about receiving a Playstation for Christmas, and had spent the night playing the latest Tony Hawk game with relatives.

amd_anthony_maldonadoAt sometime around 3am, two relatives of the victim made a run to the store for snacks. This is when Police believe an argument over the game may have ensued. At that time it appears that some sort of struggle occurred as the victim had multiple stab wounds and bruises throughout his body. The boy had made it as far as his uncle’s bedroom door, where he had informed him he had been stabbed. He would then collapse in the doorway. Maldonado was rushed to St. Lukes Roosevelt Hospital, where he would succumb to his injuries within the hour.

Morales, the assailant was quickly taken into Police custody, as the cops shut the power to the buildings elevator shaft to search for a murder weapon.

The victim’s grandfather remembered him by saying:

“Anthony was a loving child who loved his PlayStation… He got the PlayStation for Christmas and was very happy. He was so happy.”

It’s a sad day. Not only does this give ammunition to the Jack Thompsons and ignorant politicians of the world, but we also lost a little gamer, and most importantly a defenseless human being. Only a monster can hurt a child. Our condolences go out to the Maldonado family.

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[NY Dailynews]

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  • Nine–Breaker

    I just got one thing to say, WTF!? How could someone even do that? Oh and Mike, I completely agree.

  • Cooldude

    Yeah burn in hell you murderer.

  • Wat

    @Halo3 MLG Pro
    I hope you burn in hell with that murderer. You enjoy the fact that a defenceless kid was murdered? Also, just because he got a PS3 doesn’t mean he is a savage fanboy like you. Troll or not, you make me sick.

  • jax

    wait.. so did his uncle kill him?

  • Pancho

    Yeah the story is very poorly written. It doesn’t say much on where did the murderer came from. Like who was he… a burglar? a relative? The information in this article missed a part I think. But still this is a very sad story. My condolences to the family of the little boy.

  • mboojigga

    Even though this is tragic, but what the hell is a 9 yr old playing a damn video game at 3am?

  • That’s not even funny considering you’re actually “The Max Speed 21” on N4G, but you know what is funny? The fact you’re ignored by 30 users on there and now you will be ignored and harassed by more. You my friend, are an idiot.


    That’s the link to your profile so people can go to town on you.

  • random

    “Anthony was a loving child who loved his PlayStation… He got the PlayStation for Christmas and was very happy.”
    -1 future ps3 fanboy ! YAY !

  • jax

    Wow, i don’t know if you guys are insensitive or just stupid. if this had happened to someone who had a 360 i doubt anybody would be like ‘O A DED 360 FANBOI LOLOLOL’ because it’s just plain dumb and immature.

  • sklorbit

    the worst part is that it was over tony hawk ride.

  • doa766

    I don’t understand what this has to do with the game, was he making too much noise or something?

  • OutsideLookingIn

    how can anyone incorporate the fanboy issue into this tragedy? a child has been murdered over a measly video game! let’s be real now, gamers. the alleged murderer probably will not live to see freedom once in jail. my condolences to the family of the victim and the murderer had better hope for a civil death.

  • Putrid Water Fall.

    To everyone who doesn’t care about the sad loss of an innocent child, go shoot your brains out. You’re all a waste of flesh, bone, space, and time and don’t deserve to be alive. This is far more important than you can obviously imagine, especially since your parents failed to raise you kids. Yes, you’re kids. No, I take that back. You don’t deserve to be called kids, nor adults. A child, the purest, most innocent, beings would have empathy for another human’s pain. You’re all nothing more than anema’s being pulled in and out of an elephant’s ass.

  • ShoobaDOOwhop

    Spics…That explains everything…Spics.

  • tarbis

    This article missed a lot of things. So the boy’s 2 relatives went out for snacks. Then the boy was killed. That doesn’t make sense. And why was the boy killed? For what? Was his relative drunk? What did the boy do?

  • DavidX

    chop of his thumbs and index finger make him learn

  • Daithus

    “At sometime around 3am, two relatives of the victim made a run to the store for snacks. This is when Police believe an argument over the game may have ensued.”

    It’s very sad that somebody has died (child or adult), but the above quote begs certain questions.

    What was the kid doing up at 3am!? What relation to the kid was his murderer? How can they speculate an argument broke out over the game? Hell they even says it “MAY” have happened … how did they draw that conclusion? Did they go to the house and find the Playstation with the game near it and do a Jack Thompson?

    To me this whole thing stinks of journalist sensationalism, there is ZERO evidence to suggest a video game was what incited the murder. The only, far out, link is there was a video game in the apartment. It’s really sad to see such a tragedy being used as a vessel to promote negative propaganda.

  • Anon

    The original NY News article(that NOBODY is reading right now) says that the guy was a family friend who randomly decided to stab the kid to death while his family was away.

    I’m sure skateboarding games didn’t teach that man to be a psycho child killer. He wasn’t even playing the video game. The quote that connects the murder to video games is from the grandfather: “Anthony was playing … on PlayStation when his friend came and stabbed him,”
    “My grandson died over a video game.”
    That could mean he died when playing it, not because of it. It also doesn’t explain how the video game is connected to the motive for murder but everyone is using it as proof.

    The Joel Taveras misunderstood the original article, the original article misunderstood the situation, and an incredibly tragic story is being used as publicity for a insanely stupid argument.

  • Riza

    Poor baby.

    The story is very porely written, but still brings horrid scenes to what had actually happened. I hpe this fxcker rots in jail and spends the rest of his miserable existence in the very pit of hell. There was no reason to go this far over an argument (assuming based from the para)