How to Register for FFXIV PS3 Beta, with FFXIII Code

How to Register for FFXIV PS3 Beta, with FFXIII Code

Final Fantasy fans, Square Enix told you that if you picked up a launch copy of Final Fantasy XIII that you would be rewarded with a invitation code to the PlayStation 3 Beta of the upcoming MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV. There is also a special item involved here. For those who received this pamphlet in their launch copy of Final Fantasy XIII but are confused with how to go about registering for the PS3 beta, we’ve got your back. Read on for the intricacies of this easy-to-miss beta code retrieval process, including a step-by-step guide.

How to Register for FFXIV PS3 Beta, with FFXIII Code

Step-by-Step Guide:

*Step 1. Create an account here:

*If you already have a Square ID you will probably have to link it to your new Square Members ID, do so here:

Step 2. Log in to your account. At the top right hand side of the page, click Register Your Game and Earn Points.

Step 3. Enter the 16 digit code that came on the product registration pamphlet with your launch copy of Final Fantasy XIII. Click Submit.

Step 4. This is the one that gave me a bit of the runaround, you must now visit this page while logged in:

Step 5. Click Review Your PlayStation 3 Bonus Code and Bonus Details. Write this 20 digit code down on a piece of paper, your desk, or nearby friend’s forehead very carefully.

*Step 6. Visit this website now and fill out the entire application:

*Make sure to select “PlayStation 3” as the platform you want the beta for and type your new 20 digit code in (this will take you out of the running for the PC FFXIV beta). To be counted in the PS3 beta drawing, you must apply with this code, even if you have done so already without your code.

Great job! Now you are entered into the Final Fantasy XIV PlayStation 3 Beta drawing. If you are one of the lucky people who end up being accepted into the beta you will be further notified by Square Enix through e-mail at the e-mail account you registered with your Square Members account.

Remember to hold on to these codes as there is a Final Fantasy XIV special item being given away when it releases later this year on PC and PlayStation 3, if you still have that code. The game’s beta schedule will be announced soon, the PS3 beta will begin after the next PC beta wave. Final Fantasy XIV is scheduled for release this year and is a cross-platform game allowing PC and PS3 players to co-exist in the same world. Stay tuned to DualShockers for more on this game.

How to Register for FFXIV PS3 Beta, with FFXIII Code

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  • Also, when you sign in, you may have to use the “Software” keyboard instead of your actual keyboard, the link to it is on the right and you will use the mouse to click the letters to your user name and password instead of use your real keyboard. Be sure to save it after doing this so you do not have to do it in the future.

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  • zeck

    how long do you hae to wait for the email to come?

  • @zeck Square Enix has not given an exact date on when to expect e-mails yet but DualShockers will keep you up to date on the latest information as it becomes available. Thank you for your inquiry.

  • monty

    i’ve registered at as the voucher said.

    do i still need to register over to the website you stated? ?

    They seem to be two totally different websites ? any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • the product registration card has 18 digid .. cant fit it?

  • @monty If you have registered at the EU members website then you will need to sign up for the FFXIV beta here: using the steps I have listed in this guide.

    @somebody The code on the pamphlet should be 16 digits without the dashes. Use it to register Final Fantasy XIII for your SE Members Account then follow steps 4-6 to finish retrieving your beta application code and filling out the beta application.

  • djhyperio

    This thing says:
    “Your copy of FINAL FANTASY XIII for PlayStation®3 is not eligible to receive a bonus code.
    Please contact Customer Support for any questions.”
    I guess Im screwed…

    • There has been a lot of problems with international sign-up, especially if you have imported the game. Please check out the comments above and see if you are using the EU portal or the US portal and use whichever coincides with your account information respectfully.

  • a pretty big derp

    I didn’t seen an option that allowed me to “select “PlayStation 3″ as the platform” at what exact stage does it give you this option because it seems they sent me confirmation that I got into the windows beta before I even got to see that option =[

    • This article was written a while back and the menus may have changed, with the delay of the PlayStation 3 version of the game the beta has also been delayed and on the main Square Enix page it says “Notification of the PS3 version will be sent by email.”.

      • a pretty big derp

        thanks =]

  • cecilia white

    I entered my code in when I got the game and It showed two 25 digit codes that said if I enter them in my xbox live then I can get some costumes for the ffxiii game.. are these codes I need to use to get my ffxiv special in game item.. the reg code is 16 letters and these are 25 digits.. I dont’ see any 20 digit codes anywhere.

  • cecilia white

    oh one more thing…. on the page where it gives you the link to review your bonus codes.. right above that link there is a message that says you haven’t registered your ffxiii game yet but when I do it says I’ve already used the code.. and there is also a line where it says
    Bonus Code:
    but it is blank.. no 20 digit code

  • Dario Gospočić

    Hey i bought game and i dont have 16 digit code on my disc or game papers 🙁

  • Morty

    When I enter the registration code (4-4-4 code) I got with the disc, Sony says that it is invalid, can you help me with this problem?