Splinter Cell: Conviction at PAX East Impressions

Splinter Cell: Conviction at PAX East Impressions

I’m sorry to say that I have not played the demo for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction, but I did get to try it out another demo at PAX East. I must say, I like what I saw.

The booths were set-up where you and a random person would team up to play co-op on the Xbox 360. Of course, right off the bat there was a lot of me dying and having to get revived by my partner. I eventually got the hang of the controller and started putting in some work. The mission was real simple. There are X number of people to kill in one area, you have to kill them all. It was mindless and I thought it really limited the freedom to beat the game the way you want to. My previous experiences with Splinter Cell was to carry out a mission, such as hack a computer, and you can either kill or sneak past your enemies.

Splinter Cell: Conviction at PAX East Impressions

I only played for about 15 minutes, but if this is any indication of how co-op, or most of co-op is going to be, then I’m not very excited. It was fun, but I know that kind of fun (mindless killing) is not going to last very long. Other than that, the controls were great and the graphics were smooth. When I get home I’m definitely going to be downloading the demo.

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  • Stuart

    The demo was definitely a shift from previous SC games. I played it through twice, and the second time I retained a LOT more of the old school style of stealth, due to greater familiarity with the controls and partly with the level itself.
    Where previously an isolated guard could be taken down with impunity, in the demo this led to walking into a room with two other, startled and unexpectedly grieving guards, leads to a bit of the old carnage.
    Co-op I can’t speak for.

  • loopjd

    Sorry to point this out, but what you were playing was not the co-op campaign Splinter Cell Conviction comes with. It was merely an extra game mode called Hunter, where you do exactly as you described, kill everyone. It’s not unlike horde from Gears of War, in both its purpose, and the fact that you do not have to play it to beat the game. There is an actual separate co-op campaign in the game, where you can kill or not kill as many people as you would like, in a mission setting.

  • Great article, I spent some time looking on as some Ubisoft representatives were playing this on stage and I have to agree that the new Hunter mode is looking pretty great for co-op action. I am actually surprised how good this game looks but I wonder if fans will be upset about the fact that run-n-gun is now a more prevalent factor in the series overall.