Review: Super Street Fighter IV

Review: Super Street Fighter IV

This is the version of Street Fighter IV the original should have been. With Super Street Fighter IV, Capcom has listened to their fans and has delivered on a game that is worth the $40 price tag. If you never owned the original, then this is worth the $40 price tag, even more so. I consider Super Street Fighter IV more of a sequel than an expansion, because it can run on its own. With that said, it is very very very difficult to find a game sequel that makes it worthwhile to sell its predecessor in every aspect.

Usually when a sequel or updated version of a game releases, there is always something lost in between the games. It’s usually something along the lines of “now we have voice over and online, but now we also have less multiplayer options.” An example of this is with fellow fighting games, Mortal Kombat: Deception to Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. Armageddon had many more characters, new modes and new mini-games. What did it lose from Deception? Individual fatalities, and two-fighting styles for each character instead of three. Adding more, but also losing some along the way.

Review: Super Street Fighter IV

Thankfully, Super Street Fighter IV doesn’t fall victim to this sequel trend. Instead, it takes everything and throws all it can on top. It makes the original Street Fighter IV unplayable. Five new stages are added to this upgraded version, and all the characters return with 10 more added on top. Each character has two ultra combos instead of the previous title’s one. There are also more costumes this time around, and the costume DLC from the original is transferable to SSFIV. There is also a new set of costume DLC releasing for SSFIV one pack at a time, but if you plan on buying them, I suggest waiting. The costume packs for the original title eventually came together as one big packaged deal at a cheaper price. Just looking out for all of you.

Review: Super Street Fighter IV

Bonus stages that the Street Fighter series is known for have returned this time around after going noticeably missing in the original. Breaking a car and smashing barrels have never looked more gorgeous. Another upgrade that catered to the fans were the return of character specific music. Now, as you fight in versus matches, the music of your opponent’s character plays during the match. It’s great to hear Balrog’s theme play in all of its new techno glory.

The biggest upgrade for SSFIV are the online features. You have so many more options. The original only had 1 vs. 1 matches, that’s it. In SSFIV, there are 1 vs. 1 ranked matches, and lobbies for up to eight people in both endless and team battles. The lobbies with more than two people have the winner continue playing, and if you’re waiting for your turn, you can watch the match and chat with all those in the lobby. This makes the online aspect of the game a lot more social.

Review: Super Street Fighter IV

Super Street Fighter IV has everything else from the original intact. You have your training mode, your options to change the character’s voices from English to Japanese, and several unlockable taunts. The boss battle is still cheesy, maybe even a bit more difficult. Lastly, challenges for each character are back to unlock emblems and titles.

At the end of the day SSFIV merely points out what was wrong with Street Fighter IV. New characters are great, but everything else that came new with this version should have and could have already been in the original, maybe even as a downloadable upgrade (not DLC). The inclusion of character specific music should have been a no-brainer. Bonus stages again, should have been a no-brainer. And the new online modes in SSFIV are already a fighting game standard that should have been in the original. Great game? Absolutely. Is it anything to go crazy about? No.

Review: Super Street Fighter IV

  • Game: Super Street Fighter IV
  • Platform Reviewed: Xbox 360
  • Developer: Dimps/Capcom
  • Publisher: Capcom
  • Release Date: 4/27/2010
  • MSRP: $39.99
  • Review Copy Info: A copy of this title was purchased by DualShockers Inc. for purposes of this review.

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  • Adam

    The game is great, but this review isn’t very good. In the future I would suggest that you proof read your writing before posting.

  • I cant help but think that games like this are a bit of a rip off. Its teh same game with a few add-ons so surely it could just be DLC ?

  • Crapple


    it looks great to me!!! No clue what you are talking about, cheers to the reviewer, thanks.

  • I did proofread and I would love to have the mistakes pointed out. I will quickly fix them up.

  • @Crapple

    thanks for the positive feedback!

    @Rob Bateman

    It may be a bit more than just DLC, but not by much.

  • Adam

    Your first paragraph doubles the same point. You do this more than once throughout the body:

    ” With Super Street Fighter IV, Capcom has listened to their fans and has delivered on a game that is worth the $40 price tag. If you never owned the original, then this is absolutely worth the $40 price tag. ”

    You have too many short sentences. Example:

    “The biggest upgrade for SSFIV are the online features. You have so many more options. ”

    Your sentences are extremely basic, they don’t convey any feeling.

    When I’m reading the review I can’t help but picture someone rattling off the details in a monotone voice.

    Some points are conveyed without anything backing them up. Why is SF4 unplayable now that SSF4 is out? You mention that it is and then go into talk about new modes. Just because a game added something new, albeit great, doesn’t make the original unplayable.

    “Armageddon had much more characters, ” – should read “many more..”

    You also missed the point of SSFIV as it cannot be added as $DLC. They tweaked characters, changed layouts, add music, changed announcers, added modes and the list goes on and on. All of that could not be done in a $DLC because it COMPLETELY re-works everything that the first game has. It IS a whole new game.

    From what I understand you played this game like it should be $DLC. You focused on the negative aspects and pegged the overall because of a moot point. While that in itself isn’t my biggest gripe, my beef lies in the fact that you need to work on structure a bit more before posting.

  • Adam, your point about DLC is absolute nonsense. Many games have updates in the form of character tweaks, different layouts and music etc – one example is Wipeout Fury which gave new “tweaked” versions of all the ships, new music, new tracks, new game modes, new online modes, a new ranking system, and a new look to the front end menu. All that was DLC and you had the option of choosing between the classic Wipeout HD or the Fury DLC.

    SSF4 is the same engine with a few tweaks and i see no reason at all why it couldnt have been DLC. I dont buy into Capcoms bull**** since the whole Resi Evil 5 DLC on the disk episode.

  • @Adam

    Thank you for the constructive criticism. I have considered all that you have said and have made the necessary changes.

  • This review is fine. Too many short sentences… who cares? Did he like the game or not is whats important.