Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Video Preview

With just a few weeks to go until its western release I take a look at what MGS: Peace Walker brings to the table and explain why die-hard MGS fans should not let this amazing game slip under their radar/threat ring/cone of visibility.

I take a look at the series portable roots and compare it against the demo which is currently available on the PSN store. Forget any reservations about this being a PSP game – MGS: Peace Walker is the next entry in the franchise so get wise or miss out BIG TIME.

[Editor’s Note: Possibly NSFW, there is a shot of a woman’s ass that flashes for about one second. If that is the kind of stuff that will get you booted out the door at work, you have been warned.]

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  • Awesome video, guys. I really loved it, and can’t wait for Peace Walker to release already.

    • I feel the same way! I can’t believe there is a Camouflage PSP releasing for this!!! So cool.