E3 2010: Microsoft Project Natal Experience Event Disappoints

E3 2010: Microsoft Project Natal Experience Event Disappoints

The impressions are in from DualShockers’ own Al Zamora. Find out all of the mystery and intrigue that was offered for attendees as well as get to the meat of the matter with this video from DualShockers TV.

A great show was put forth by Cirque Du Soleil and it was certainly a very high production value event that was enjoyable and entertaining. However, the main reason most people in attendance were excited for the event was to see some new games that might push the barriers of innovation in gaming and give a solid reason for gamers to care about Project Natal (now named Kinect). In the following video Al will tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly. For those who missed out on this event, try not to feel too bad there will still be a chance to check out the motion device on the showroom floor at E3 2010.

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  • ChrisE

    You are going to update this right since Kinect was shown in real time at their presser? They showed multiple players and it was jump in and jump out game play and even going as far as auto-switching to split screen on the fly.

    I think the Sunday show was for TV and nothing more. You guys saw all this stuff but the general public hasn’t seen a thing but Ricochet.. ie Speak for yourself PS3 Dualshockers!!

    • Chris: As you said yourself, this was regarding the event on Sunday night, not the press conference this morning. There will be updates, more impressions, editorials and such coming down the pipe.

      I happen to think the Kinect portion of Microsoft’s conference was pretty good, better than I expected, anyway.