E3 2010: Rumor: Dead Space 2 PS3 Timed Exclusive

E3 2010: Rumor: Dead Space 2 PS3 Timed ExclusiveAfter doing some serious thinking and sitting through the EA press conference today, the DualShockers team may have stumbled upon something in regards to Dead Space 2, it may be a announced tomorrow as a PS3 timed exclsuive. You may ask how we came up with this idea so here goes the logic train, hop aboard and take a ride.

During the EA press conference the president of Visceral had this to say in reference to the Dead Space 2 hands on demo:

“find out how it ends tomorrow at the Sony show.”

The other interesting thing to note was that when the game was flashed on screen in the game lineup timeline it happened to be a PS3 box art that was used to show it off.

E3 2010: Rumor: Dead Space 2 PS3 Timed Exclusive

Now again this is speculation at this time but the pieces do fit but we will definitely find out for you tomorrow at the Sony press event. Tune in tomorrow and find out if we nailed this or not. Heck maybe it will even turn out that EA makes the title a full Move exclusive for the PS3 and that is why it is to be continued at the Sont press event tomorrow.

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  • Dawn Of Ashes

    I’ll bet on playstation move support… I dont think it will be a timed exclusive…

  • Derrick

    How in the hell do you get that Dead Space may be a timed exclusive on the ps3 from THAT?!

  • gatormatt

    i bet what he meant by saying “find out how it ends tomorrow at the Sony show ,” is that dead space will incorporate Move

  • msconferenceboring

    If this came to ps3 first………….

  • Mark

    I wonder what all the Sony kids who cried when MS did this will say if its true?

  • roooobo

    thats a huge leap in logic. pretty unlikely. far more likely is that Sony is simply stepping up its game in getting the ps3 mentioned around the top multiplatform games, which microsoft has been doing for years.

    i would be very happily suprised if it turned out that dead space 2 would be Move compatible. (exclucive though? dont kid yourself) it would be a huge nudge towards me actually buying the product. Move that is.

  • I will say “Gnom Gnom Gnom, me likey Dead Space, Gnom Gnom Gnom”

    So now you know