E3 2010: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and the Move

on June 15, 2010 3:43 PM

E3 2010: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 and the Move

By now, you should all know that the Move is just spectacular thus far. If you haven’t seen the likes of Sorcery – a game in the works for the Move – you should probably go take a look at it. But it’s not only Sony first-party studios whipping up remarkable games that will use the intuitive technology Sony has conjured. Third party publishers have also stepped into the development plateau of the PlayStation 3’s new peripheral, and have begun showcasing some support for the motion controller.

EA unveiled some PlayStation Move support today at the Sony E3 event by showcasing a bit of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11, in which the game clearly uses the motion sensing controller to capture authentic movements from the player. Apparently it’s one of the many games that EA plans to support with the PlayStation Move. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 clearly showed that the Move will is definitely capable of handling accurate movements with a nice facade of impressive visuals accompanying it.

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