Microsoft Tries 1 Year Warranty Again for Xbox 360 S

Microsoft Tries 1 Year Warranty Again for Xbox 360 S

When the new Xbox 360 S was announced a lot of people felt like this could be a much more reliable machine than we have seen at the launch of the original Xbox 360 system. Had they fixed all of the past issues, this would be a reason to jump in to Xbox if you never have before or even upgrade if you are already playing.

Microsoft is selling the new Xbox 360 S with a one year warranty, which is pretty standard for electronics video game consoles. The Xbox 360 debuted with a one year warranty but later extended this to three years as a way of addressing the various hardware issues the system suffered from including the infamous “Red Ring of Death”.

Typically one might expect Microsoft to throw a longer warranty on it to let people know they fixed all of Xbox 360’s past issues rather than go back to a short warranty leaving uncertainty. Does this mean that they lack confidence in their new model? Are they after extended warranty money instead? And perhaps more importantly, are they asking potential customers to take an unfounded leap of faith with this?

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  • F31icks

    Microsoft how dare you take my money!!!! As i’ve learnt in business school 101, this is a standard case of a Co. wanting to increase profit from warranties. Within a year i bet only 30% of new 360 slims will fail. Within a year and a month i bet 50%-70% will have issues, and they expect this, and plan on making bank from it. That 50-70 percent will make Microsoft so much $$$$$$

  • DarthMalc

    This should actually indicate that Microsoft are so confident about the new xbox that they don’t consider 3 years of warranty worthwhile. Besides if any issues arise with the first batch of consoles (A massive red light onslaught or something) it will happen in the first year.
    And combined with the fact if there are issues, people will go en masse to youtube and gaming websites to report the shoddy wares, thereby crushing Microsofts new found confidence and forcing Microsoft to slap the 3 year warranty label back on to be on the safe side.
    Cause and effect people, grow up.

  • you_idiot

    F-ing idiot,

    ever think that MAYBE MS is confident the new 360 doesn’t need a 3 year warranty…because it is built better?

    Gieva a 3 year warranty on this model and people might think “oh great, must be a POS if they feel they need to ‘extend’ the warranty”.

  • sbains

    Want a reliable console buy a PS3 or a Wii. Steer clear of XBOX 360 – it was rushed to market with a poor system design and noisy like a vacuum … it truly sucks!

  • Rob Bateman

    Maybe the new slim 360 is a POS, maybe it’s a well designed piece of hardware that only needs a 1 year warranty – its too early to tell.

    The fact is that when it comes to hardware quality then Microsofts reputation is in tatters and a lot of people will think twice before buying another Xbox. If I was Microsoft then I would have kept up the 3 year warranty just to show confidence in the brand and to try and repair some of that PR damage that RROD caused.