Gaming Analysts Say The Best Kinect Games Are 2 Years Away

Gaming Analysts Say The Best Kinect Games Are 2 Years Away

Although Microsofts newest motion control technology releases this year, there is speculation that the best the platform will offer is two years after release. This observation comes from the founder and analyst of the respected gaming blog Gamesbrief. Yoostar CEO Greg Fischbach and Nicholas Lovell (analysts and GB founder respectively) say that some time will need to transpire before the best efforts emerge. They infer that developers will need time to fully grasp and understand the breadth of the new technology, similar to any console release. This speaks volumes about Kinect’s launch lineup, without saying very much about them at all. See the link for in depth quotes from Lovell and Fischbach. Kinect is expected to go on sale this November.


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  • Wait… so someone got paid to predict that the more time developers spend with the device, the better the games will be?

    Sweet jeebsus, I’m in the wrong field.

  • rofl rofl., idk if i would say this is why they’re payed but, u know, your assumption’s pretty good.

  • Can anyone really be surprised by this prediction? It sounds pretty accurate really. If you look at the PS Eye and the EyeToy for PS2, those game peripherals actually never got good games and they had far more time than 2 years to do so.


    Joel made a great point that this is something that happens with any new tech. I do remember having a PS3 since launch and thinking “is this thing ever going to have games?” and now look. So I guess on that end it would be foolish to discount the Kinect entirely.

    • I dunno, the difference between a launch PS3 and Kinect is the ability to see the potential within the device.

      When i first saw Natal and all the possibilities it showed for controller free gaming I wasn’t impressed at all. When people were talking about playing Halo and making grenade throwing gestures with their arms to throw grenades I thought it sounded ridiculous (who wants to let go of the joypad mid firefight ?). Making extravagant gestures instead of simply pushing a button is not a step forward in my opinion.

      I think the question that people should ask themselves about Kinect is – Given the best possible scenario what is the best possible game that could come from this piece of hardware? Ask that question of the PS3 at launch and you might have answered Metal Gear Solid 4 or God Of War 3 – an upgraded, enhanced version of a game you already love. Ask that same question of Kinect and what do you come up with ?

      The answer will always be something where you are stood up without having any kind of tactile feedback or the ability to freely move around your enviroment.

      In two years time Kinect will be in the bargain bin.