No PS+ Discounts for DC Universe Online

No PS+ Discounts for DC Universe Online

Today there was certainly a stir due to a little rumor which happened to emerge about the upcoming super-hero MMO DC Universe Online heading to PC and PlayStation 3 this November which DualShockers has confirmed to be false (see updated story). In the seeking of truth to this story even more information was uncovered pertaining to PS+ and DCUO which the gaming world may be interested to know. Not only was the original source wrong, but the truth is almost the complete opposite. Read on to find out.

No PS+ Discounts for DC Universe Online

As an online service known for providing discounts to PSN gamers, it is perhaps surprising to note that DC Universe Online will not receive any such discount offer for PS+ subscribers. The game will indeed cost $14.99 a month to play on the PlayStation 3 as well as PC in addition to the initial purchase cost of buying the game itself. Players will not receive any special treatment for subscribing to PS+. This has been directly confirmed by Sony Online Entertainment to DualShockers. We want to know from you, the reader, if whether or not this makes it a dealbreaker on whether to pass on DCUO or pick it up? Let us know in the comments section.

Just for the record, when we say discount, we’re referring to the subscription, not micro-transactions or DLC. Nothing has been said about that YET.

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  • Romudeth

    Even though I do not play MMOs I did consider getting DCU if it was free (after the initial $60) with PSN+. Now that it turns out it won’t be free with PSN+ I will definitely not buy it. Paying a monthly charge to play a single game seems ridiculous to me.

  • Haze

    Not a deal breaker… MMO’s have monthly fees. I want to play, I will pay. However, I do think that this will limit the sales of the game. I don’t think the traditional MMO crowd will be looking to game on a console. The game will probably fair well on pc though.

    • Thanks for the feedback Haze, you bring up a great point.

      While I agree that the traditional MMO crowd will not be looking to play on the console I do not consider DC Universe Online the traditional MMO and as such I believe that the pitch of it to traditional MMO players is a bit off at best. I believe this game’s price point should have been tailored to console gamers the same way the live action game-play is.

  • Seth

    Damn, that was my problem with DCUO anyway. $14.99 is too steep from what I’ve seen from the game. I did cheer when I heard the rumor as I’m already a plus member.

    This does change my decision. I more than likely won’t be picking it up unless I see something mind blowing. I just don’t see it worth that monthly price yet.

  • Griefy

    For a Sony product and not seeing any type of synergy between this and PS+, I’m not gonna throw $60 at this. I was seriously thinking of grabbing the collectors edition as well since I really wanted to Batman statue but ill be passing on that as well. Oh well, there’s always FFXIV down the road. I’ll enjoy that more than I probably would this anyway.

  • Griefy

    Actually I totally forgot but they also announced that the PC and PS3 servers would be separate. I feel like I am actually being ripped off more buying the PS3 version than the PC version. It all feels disconnected at this point.

  • Lazyeye79

    If what Griefy said is trueand the PlayStation 3 will be getting separate servers I think that it would be in Sony’s best interest to get its own severs (if at all possible) for the game and make PSN+ user able to play for free. This would get more people onboard with PSN+ and get more people to buy the game on the PS3 for the reduced charge ($15*12=$180 a year or $50 a year). I would definitely jump on that boat.

  • robin

    holy-cow batman. why we need to pay 15 bucks a month?? and plus 60 buck to buy the stupid game. do these dev. think all they need to do is make a decent game and we’ll flock to it like blind dumb sheeps?? baaaaaaaa not i said the clever gamer.

    • CMO

      Exactly, and the sad fact of the matter is that people will flock to it because it’s an MMO based in the universe of a renowned comic book publisher, and filled with their favorite comic book heroes and villains; and it’s a persistent world on these specially made dedicated servers (this just in, everything on the internet is persistent and will be there until someone removes it–nothing new).

      Pay no heed to what you may be subjecting yourselves to financially and never mind the quality of the product. There’s this instant gratification that certain people get when it comes to buying something new, it’s really quite astounding. P2P MMOs are a business’ fantasy as it’s what people expect. All they have to do is slap a franchise logo onto the box with some familiar skins, and people actually believe–time and time again–that the experience is going to be better this time around. They don’t need any proof of quality or assurance that the developers will deliver on their word. And without regard toward paying to service the publishers and development heads (pun intended)or what terms they agree to upon signing in they are hooked. I doubt your average gamer would even realize it if they hiked up those monthly fees one month for kicks; there’s even an automatic transaction option available to conveniently suck people’s bank accounts dry or max out their credit cards.

    • Amir

      Dude, some people are like that though…they’ll buy it just because…I almost did, because I didn’t do my research and these characters have been monumental during my childhood years. I was lucky not to open it right away, because I saw the “vague” sticker that said first month free. That’s when I lost faith and returned it along with my childhood. Total rip-off!!! But there are still comic fans, who will say yes to this bullsh*tt! I don’t wanna call them suckers, but they need to be more aware of it globally, like you and I and from what it seems like, the rest of the people here.

  • You have to think about it in a business sense. There isn’t any GREAT mmo out there that doesn’t already follow this subscription structure and pricing. Ask any one that plays WoW and they’ll tell you that $15 bucks is and always will be the going rate for games of this nature. And why shouldn’t it be, as these titles and the servers that they run on are in constant need of regular maintenance as well as moderation.

    At least (and I don’t say this to sound like a fanboy but) it’s not like Xbox Live where you’re paying for something that only provides even more advertisements and archaic P2P connectivity without any dedicated servers.

    • CMO

      “There isn’t any GREAT mmo out there that doesn’t already follow this subscription structure and pricing. Ask any one that plays WoW and they’ll tell you that $15 bucks is and always will be the going rate for games of this nature.” Wow, are you being paid to appear so naive or is it just your nature? There are no words to describe how imbecilic that sounds. First off, why would I need to ask a WoW player? Is this player somehow more qualified to give their opinion than someone who doesn’t play that game? Do I know this person? Do they have any experience whatsoever in marketing or game development? I realize you’re saying you don’t say all this to sound like a fanboy, but it’s what you’re being by praising MMO incompetence at providing services that are otherwise free for others in lieu of improving them. There’s no reason for you to defend it, you either pay monthly fees and think it’s worthwhile or ya don’t. I used to myself, but I don’t anymore after I figured out that there are so many developers out there taking advantage and not producing quality or timely content–including Blizzard. They pop out an expansion every year that’s filled with content that should have been included in the subscription. There are so many MMOs out there (mostly P2P) that take years just to be considered playable by any standard–it’s like paying to play a beta.

      Seriously, people need to wake up. If you continue to allow yourselves to be had by the conglomerates and monopolies, such as Microsoft, then they’ll be more than willing to take your money. Now it seems even Sony is moving toward that direction. And what about Xbox Live (aside form annual fees instead of monthly) is so different from an MMO? You say P2P connectivity is archaic, yet it somehow managed to work just fine for over a decade of gaming and it allows players to play locally without having to rely on–at times– an unreliable server off in some remote part of the world with no guarantee it will always be around.

      It’s not at all impractical for a company to provide dedicated servers from sales revenue. The PS3 has dedicated servers on a national level–one that isn’t reached by every MMO–and that’s completely free of charge with most games. Also, if you’re looking for a “great” MMO that’s F2P, which I assume by that you mean popular and well maintained, then look no further than Guild Wars.

      • Amir

        I SOOOOOOOO agree with you “conglomerates and monopolies” THAT is exactly my point!!!! Way to go. If I could give you 60 thumbs up I would!!!

  • Rob Bateman

    Anyone thinking that £15 is a rip off for an MMO needs to get clued up on the typical MMO model because this is the standard. You are paying to be part of a persistent online community with dedicated servers, in game admins creating events in real time, and (as joel mentions above) all the social aspects that people get from Xbox Live or HOME.

    Also to those who dont know then the cost of the cost of the game includes one months subscription fee, it would be good if PS+ included an extra month or two at least.

    • CMO

      15 bucks a month should by no practical means be an acceptable standard to play a game you’ve already purchased. Sorry, but if Arena Net (originally an up-and-coming Indie developer) can manage to crank out new stuff every year with Guild Wars and still provide quality content, tournaments with cash prizes and all the persistent capabilities of any MMO for merely the cost of the game and its expansions then anybody can do it. It’s perfectly reasonable to expect to see content upfront before purchasing content.

      With monthly fees the developers are not held accountable. And anybody referencing WoW for precedence is a moron as it’s simply a rehash of every other MMO on the market with a Warcraft skin. It’s true hat game has been experiencing a heavy influx of players, yet somehow all the hundreds of friends I had on that game a year or so ago have quit. Why? They don’t want to pay for something that they won’t necessarily be using on a regular basis, and that’s common sense. Sorry but the reason its so popular is not because it charges a monthly subscription or by an means special, it’s that there’s almost no competition in the genre and it’s more easily accessible as opposed to some of the more hardcore MMOs like Everquest. Having the name of Blizzard Entertainment behind it certainly doesn’t hurt either.

      Not to mention plenty of games have dedicated servers that are free to play on: For example, I know of a game that’s just as massive and brimming with content, such as Arma and it’s got free dedicated servers. Somehow stamping the label of MMO on a game entitles them to rip people off because consumers allow it. It’s time gamers stood up to the greedy powerhouse businesses of today and told them what it can and should be like in the future.

      • While I don’t think it has to be a “standard”, per se, people forget that, with a subscription model like World of Warcraft, you’re getting basically unlimited play time for $15/month (or less if you subscribe for a longer period of time).

        What other form of entertainment – or game, specifically – can you get that much play time out of for about 50 cents per day? Nothing, that’s what.

        50 cents per day breaks down into pennies per hour, if that.

        Going to a movie, that’s at least $10 for only two hours of entertainment. A $60 non-RPG is what? 10-15 hours of play time? Doesn’t come close to the value of an MMORPG for $15/month.

        Just saying…

        • 6firestorm

          There are a ton of games out there that charge a monthly fee. games like these don’t last for 70 hours they last for months and sometimes take multiple players and may take hours to complete, Hence the Acroynm (MMORPG). You get what you pay for.

          • chmegma

            damn straight. 15 bucks for a months worth of entertaiment is cheap. i’m in the beta, and it’s a great game. i am having a blast. if “you” don’t want to pay, don’t. calling those of us who can see the bargain for what it is imbeciles just shows how classy “you” really are.

          • Amir

            You get to be part of the ripped off too…YAY!!!LMAO

        • Amir

          All you’re doing is thinking about yourself. Sure it’s 50 cents, but turn it around and see how much they’re ripping you off! You wanna be part of the sheep that is being lead to slaughter… go right ahead. I rather you not!

    • Amir

      Lame dude… Servers don’t cost that much in the bigger scheme. They cost to first put them up, but to operate…PLEASE, they’re machines! a little tweak here and there by a few super geeks, and it’s up and running for ever. Imagine out of the 308 million people in the US only… I can say at least 1 million will subscribe (that’s not even a 1% of the population). In the first month, $15 million dollars revenue. Within the year…$180 million. And that is JUST North America! Think of the World behind this ridiculousness. How much do servers cost? $15 million which they can make in a month? Please, servers are in 6 digits not 8!!! PLEASE! WoW has been goin on for years and they have raped all those suckers who have played. Now if it’s $5 a month…maybe. If it was free, I wouldn’t have to return the game today.

  • R4D3

    I don’t see what the big deal is. $60 is the standard price for a console game and teh $15 is The standard MMO pricing structure that comes with games of this nature. I’m not into MMO’s but I’ll definitely be getting this game. This is an expensive hobby. I don’t pay for PSN+ I get nothing out of it. I don’t pay for Live either. My 360 hasn’t seen much action lately but the pS3 is going strong. DCUO is arriving just in time!

    • Amir

      You are part of the “well if I have to pay for water, I guess I have to” When you can be in the fight for the cause IN THE BEGINNING to not pay for water.

  • Mark

    $60 for the game, $50 for PSN+ and then $15 a month?

    F**k Sony.

    • madmann

      Pretty F**kin rough I’m not gonna lie.

      My pockets aren’t that deep these days since the economy crashed…

    • Kevin Stevenson

      It never said you had to pay for PSN+…it just said there was no discount or benefits to having it.

      It’s $60 for the game and 1 free month…..then $15/month fee to play.

      Now i can see your argument, if you are already paying for PSN+…. $60 for the game and 1 free month…..then $15/month fee to play and $50/year (if you get the year sub) fee for PSN+. Thats a nice number.

    • Amir

      Preach ON!!!

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  • Shikenator

    With no fee as a PS+ member I was thinking about this game. Since that rumor is false, I will wait for Final Fantasy XIV to come to the PS3 in March 2011.

  • PJ

    Personally I don’t care about a monthly fee. Some titles are worth $15/month (which pays for servers, the support personnel, moderators, content teams, and so on). Someone brought up Guild Wars, which is a nice game, but content wise does not come close to a WoW (I am not a WoW fan, played it on and off for about 2 years). If one cannot afford it or is unwilling to pony up the dough to play, then don’t.

    Look at a game like City of Heroes, which has been around for more than 6 years. They follow a pay structure, and anyone who has played it (I played it on and off for around 5 years) knows that the money we pay is well spent. NC Soft and Paragon Studios are constantly putting in new content, characters, powers, missions, story arcs, and even new zones and endgame content. One could easily play this game for a year and not run out of missions to do. Unfortunately, branding and advertising are major reasons why this game didn’t catch on the way it should have. Read the books based on the City of Heroes universe, and one can see how much work the developers put into the uniqueness of CoH/CoV. City of Heroes also has the best character creation system I have ever encountered. Yes, Champions Online has a nice system, but CoH/CoV did it first and did it better, 6 years ago. CoH/CoV is the title I will most likely compare DCU to, as Champions Online was basically a mish-mash of CoH/CoV and WoWhammer Online.

    • chmegma

      i play city of as well, and you couldn’t be more right. it is a great game. i plan on playing both. when i get a little played out with one, i will cancel it and resub the other. the beta for dcuo is great (and believe it or not, sony seems to be listening to the testers), can’t wait til it gets released.

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  • Jason

    I guess I won’t be buying this, as a ps3 owner, I’m a little disappinted and the monthly subscription…

  • Wunshott

    Isn’t the purpose of ps+ to give extra benefits? So far there aren’t too many… I’m gonna pass

  • Rachet32

    Ok first off…

    Everyone is acting like it’s 60$ for the game, 50$ for psn+ and then 15$ a month subscription fee… PSN+ is OPTIONAL and has nothing to do with the MMO directly.

    PSN+ is its own thing, and while it would have been nice if you “happen” to be a member you get a discount on DCOU, but a lot people aren’t members and don’t even take PSN+ into the picture.

    The game is 60$ like all games, and the MMORPG has a subscription fee like all MMO’s. The fee is to maintain servers and provide constant updates, new content, staff to monitor behaviour / organize events and keep everything running smooth just like all of the top MMORPGs.

    Do I believe that it should be as expensive as 15$ a month? No.. that price was created a long time ago and now people act like it’s a standard.. it should be lower. But I definitely prefer to pay some sort of a fee a month to keep the games I love online going strong and constantly improving.. rather then Guild Wars (which is still good) that does not even closely compare in terms of overall content over time. That’s not bashing Guild Wars, you get what you pay for and that’s the point. Don’t get the game if you don’t want to pay subscription fee or don’t like to stick with one game for a long time.

    People are seeing it oddly because it’s on a console.. but it’s the exact same way it’s always been for PC.

  • TokingMonkey

    Lol, the problem isn’t that DCUO costs $15/month, its that people are actually getting PSN+ What a waste of money.


    guess I wont be getting this game now. Seriously monthly fees major turn off. Sad Face =( And it looked good 2.
    Sad Face Again =(

    The major thing that stinks about MMORPG’s is that they are in general made for the richer masses. This being said the poor(Being F2P MMO company’s) get poorer while the rich(Sony Online Entertainment)get richer. The problem with MMORPG’s is that they always find a way to swindle you for cash. For example charging fee’s for creating your character, or playing up to a certain part of the game to find out that you need to pay a fee to upgrade your characters abilities after the game was purchased. In my opinion if Sony Online Entertainment had made DC Universe Online free to play they could have just as easily put out a in game shop with downloadable content to make the money they need in order to maintain there servers and get paid. There would be no issue with having to pay a fee to play because the in game shop would take care of it. In fact it would be completely optional about weather or not you want to pay for such content, Kinda like Playstation Home. But I guess they just have to be the greedy bas***ds that they are.

  • Scottmurphyisme

    The subscription process has basically ruined this game for me. I used to play WoW, but then got tied of paying a feeling obligated to dedicate time to it because I was playing. Also I don’t want to pay $15 a month when I have other stuff to do. When I heard the PS+ info I was excited but since that was proven false I will not be picking up this game. I had been waiting for a chance to play a game and fight along side The Flash and Green Lantern and now that dream is crushed

  • EvilRony

    I wanted to buy DC Universe Online because I’m a DC Universe’s fan but I am not going to pay $14.99 monthly when I can play others game online for free. At Comic-Con they said that with PS+ we didn’t need to pay monthly but now they said we must, I don’t like that.

  • u just lost a sale

    WTF, I am really hating on sony now. They expect me to pay that much a month for a game????? I mean microsoft adds all kinds of features to their membership costs, like espn and facebook to start. I thought the least they could do was make it so if I subscribed to playstation plus I could play for free. The fee is rediculous; most people who would buy this game can’t because of the $15 a month deal. I can’t get a job yet cause I only have a learners permit to drive, and even if I did have a job I wouldn’t pay for this s***. I hope this game fails.

    • Joey

      Asking for a game to fail just because you can’t afford the $15 a month is a little selfish. What about everyone that wants to play the game?

      Game looks very good to me.

      • Amir

        It makes sense in the bigger scheme!

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  • singer23

    the problem with this is, its too pricey! on the playstation network, online gaming has always been free! and they do this! that’s a lot of money!

  • MeetMyPistola

    there doesn’t have to be a “standard” just say thats what you usually pay because after purchase of a game everything else should be free, no excuses, it is getting to the point where us gamers aren’t even caring what we buy, its new and people jump on it,i mean really this game seems like a good idea but the monthly fee ruins it, you don’t pay for subscriptions to play video games, unless you got gamefly or xboxlive…that 60 bucks could have easily went to something else, so the online should be free, i mean do you really look at games being made now?? they aren’t being made with quality but just money hungry intentions they push out games too fast and it makes them just unplayable, and nobody cares or notices, because they don’t know what quality online games should play like everyone is focusing on graphics…back on ps2 online, they made games with quality GAMEPLAY, this games looks fun don’t get me wrong but it just don’t look like a game worth 60+15 a month, and never should a game be that important that one ever should be worth that….
    raise up as a gamer and stop buying a game just bcause it looks goo or it has a big name in the title seriously…because we always seems to forget them anyways

  • MMOsSince99

    Heh, I decided to checkout what all the fuss was about and don’t intend on posting back here, but I was on the fence on whether to upgrade my PC or simply purchase a PS3 and play it on that when it is release. Upon seeing how whiney the PS3 community is, I’ll be sticking to my PC. If you don’t like the price, don’t pay it. They tell you the ammount up front so that you don’t accidently buy the game. I believe it will even be stated on the box itself.

    The problem is (the reason you’re here whining now) is that you want to play the game, but you don’t feel it is right that you have to pay a fee. In the end, It only seems right that they get money for their work over the last four years and the future updates we’ll see over the course of the next decade if the game lasts. Furthermore, if my money can go to further a game that I might get countless hours of enjoyment from, then so be it. I’ll happily pay the money to ensure the game community keeps out the rift raft of GWs and continues to build upon itself with future content and expansions even if I have to pay for those expansisons too.

    Its ridiculous that you people think you have a right to something at all here. Yes, you might’ve paid for the game itself, but in the end, that’s just a down payment on what you’re promised will be delivered. If you dont want it, then discontinue the payments or don’t put any money down.

    • Rob Bateman

      After having played Eve online since launch and various MMOs since im kinda with you. But what you need to take into account is that if someone has grown up playing consoles then the idea of buying a game and then paying monthly on top is a new concept and thats why they are questioning it.

      Also your point about paying to invest in the game dosnt nessecarily hold water. The vast majority of MMO’s go belly upwithin a year or two so all that time and money you have put into your charcter vanishes and you are left with nothing. I was lucky with my choices but i have friends who invested a lot of time into games like The Matrix Online and Tabula Rasa who now feel like they wasted their time.

      In short, dont be so judgemental on the console crowd. Its a new concept to them and they have a right to be wary.

    • tommy

      You must be in the sales business …down payment? Investment?…It’s gamers like yourself that are giving into the developers demands…when the devlopers should be listeneing to our demands..the customer. The 15 dollars may be seen as an “investment”..but every deal can and should be negotiable…not just pay what they want us to pay monthly…it’s time us gamers unite against this monthly fee of ’15 dollar stadard”.

    • Amir

      Go stick to your PC and don’t whine here…WTF?

    • Amir

      You are sheep! Can’t wait when YOU have to pay for air to breath…nimrod!

  • John

    I feel that if you are going to sell us a game then we should be able to play it any time we want and if it is online then we shouldn’t have to pay to play, games cost enough! If online games neeeeeeeeed $15 or $50(PS+) a month, year, or whatever then they will not be getting my money, I pay once and thats IT!
    This is really sad to because I was looking forward to this game.

    • Amir

      I hear you..”big” DC fan…”little” rip-off fan!

  • gabrielg

    if sony is gonna charge 14.99 a month to play,then im not getting this game.if i have to pay to play online,id go to xbox live ,its only 50.00 a year.Guess thats why its not coming out on the 360 ?

  • gabrielg

    one of sony’s biggest sells was,FREE to play online.thats why so many gamers got it over the xbox 360?

    • Amir


  • Michael

    Not free for Plus members = a deal breaker.

  • I for one am completely dissapointed. I was really looking forward to this game. But I guess I am going to pass on this MMO game. This is a DEAL BREAKER.

  • mike

    I think that the monthly subscription is too much especially since there might not be as many players like on a pc game. Imgoing try to get it any ways cause i loved the beta but ill have to sell some of my other ps3 games to pay the monthly charge, at least first month is free

    • Eckz

      “Now it seems even Sony is moving toward that direction. ”

      Sony has been on that direction. They have fluently ruined every MMO they have ever encountered by effectively turning it into an unapologetic cash cow, driving away the more serious and “Caring” players. Just do some research, $ony has always been like this.

      I love the Beta, I can’t stop playing it, I can’t wait for the game to launch, and I already have it pre-ordered.. But mark my words, this game will be ruined in no time.

      As far as making an online store to offset the money instead of the monthly fee.. No thanks, I’d rather pay a Monthly fee than allow idiots who have more money than me become better at the game by spending money instead of playing the game and earning their items/digital cash. I remember when this practice would get you banned from these games (buying items for your character on ebay and other auction sites).. Now it seems common for the lazy/ignorant.

      Don’t want anything to do with that. Play the game. If you suck too bad to find a guild to do raids with, then you don’t deserve that armor.

    • Amir

      DUDE, You are giving them power to do what the HELL they want…Don’t do it. Next thing you know, we will be charged to breathe air!

  • juan nieves

    this isnt a deal breaker for me in the least ive had my copy reserved for over a year now and everytime i research dcuo i find out something that draws me in even more only die hard dc fans and gamers will make the sacrafice for the monthly fee of 15 bucks its a MMO what do u expect? ive played the beta and it kicked ass so suck it up apay the fee and lets get gaming

    • Amir

      I hope you sucked it up enough for all of us, so in the future we can depend on you for wanting to pay for air. Nimrod!

  • Jenn

    It definitely makes me pass on PS+ – I would have joined that and bought the game in a second if they came together. Now, I have no interest in PS+ and a more of a “wait and see” attitude on the game. I’ve played MMOs before and the $15 fee is standard but it’s still a bit steep for me to want to pay full retail for the game and add on a full-priced monthly fee. The better option might have been to give PSN+ members a discount on the sub fee, or 3-6 months for free.

  • Thanatos

    At a time when huge and quality MMOs like LOTRO are going free to play I think it is ridiculous that you have to spend at least $60 for the game and then $15 per month and all the more ridiculous if you have a PS+ membership. At least cut the price of the game if you’re going to do that. Having played the beta, it was so glitchy I can’t believe it’s coming out on the 11th. Definitely a deal breaker for me.

  • Amir

    Got the pre-order today and within minutes I found out there is a fee… RIP OFF! Even the guy at Gamestop was trying to stutter lie to me about the “hidden” fees saying “I don’t know” and “it’s a big game community”…Bi*ch please! Just say “yes, they will rip you off”. Sooo…I returned it! LMAO!
    Good going DC!

  • derek

    Just picked up the game and to my dismay when I got home I found out it cost month to play this game, psn is supposed to be free. Deal breaker taking it back tomorrow time are tough enough now they are screwing me if psn wasn’t free I would never bought one. I work too hard.

    • Paul

      PSN IS still “free” ur paying for the games service, gotta remember that. On à side note the only turn off is the price tag doesnt really match what ull get out off the game om ps3. Cant help to feel that the servers gona be deserted :p tjej shoulda released the game with three free months atleast, id pay itself off and give people time to decide if its worth à monthly fee. Sorry for typisk bloody iphone surfing