Kinect is a Brand New Console – You Better Believe It

Kinect is a Brand New Console - You Better Believe It

When Microsoft first announced Kinect as Project Natal then one of the phrases that they threw around was that they were treating it like the launch of a new console. At the time I thought they were just being silly, as if releasing a peripheral is anything like a new console launch -ridiculous! Since that statement Microsoft have confirmed their exact stance on Kinect at E3 2010 along with the pricing structure for the device. Now that we know that Kinect is $150 and is only compatible with Kinect games then any potential customers should take Microsofts words seriously because you might as well be buying a completely separate console.

Kinect “or” Xbox 360 might be more appropriate

Compare this to the Wii which uses the Wiimote in every game or the Playstation Move which is an option for pre-existing (and upcoming) games. Anyone who buys a Wii has everything they need for playing Wii games, anyone who buys Move very likely already own one of the many titles that will be enabled with Move such as Heavy Rain, Resident Evil 5, or upcoming blockbuster titles like Killzone 3.

In stark contrast to the Wii and PS3, Kinect only has games for Kinect and although it is being incorporated into games like Forza it is limited to being used as a gimmick to walk around virtual cars rather than as a fully integrated alternative control scheme. This leaves 360 owners with a choice – do I buy a game for my Kinect console  or do I buy a game for my Xbox 360? This choice is made easier by the fact that Kinects games are aimed at the extremely casual gamer as compared to the standard 360 library but this does not bode well for Kinect since the 360’s fanbase is notorious for its love of hardcore shooter titles.

Kinect is a Brand New Console - You Better Believe It

The Mega-CD, another peripheral that forced you to treat it as a console. Diagnosis ? FAIL.

My own personal opinion is that Kinect is going to fail, I just cannot visualize the average 360 fan forking out $150 dollars for Kinect (followed by $40-$50 for each Kinect game) instead of buying 3 “regular” 360 titles. The whole scenario reminds me very much of when Sega launched the Mega-CD, with some people blinded by what seemed like a technological leap while the sensible cynics watched from afar thinking “where’s the game in this?”. Back when the Mega-CD launched people were forced to make a choice between the shallow gimmick or a decent game , people spoke with their wallets and the rest is history, but now it seems like Microsoft wants to force that same choice on us again.

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  • blackmar

    wow even the pis is not in sync with the ppl playin v ball. the acatar’s legs r extended and her legs are dramatically bent.

    • Rob Bateman

      LOL, you know i didnt even notice that. Guess it dosnt even work for the marketing guys.

  • Atonim Mercedez

    Rob Bateman, you suck as a journalist.

    Close your mouth and stop typing with your hands, your Sony is showing.

    Kinect adds a different experience to a full flowing console/experience for children and families.

    Kinect is for casuals right now, comparing it to Sega CD is megafail even for a Sony fangirl.

  • Smootherkuzz

    I disagree,the Sega systems had a fantastic run people bought both carts and cd games and also 32x add on which didn,t go far because I think the FMV games killed it they didn’t look as good as you would have expected but there was a few that I liked and still play from time to time.If Kinect is a gimmick then so is all the rest of the full motion controllers, they all do the same thing as most people will come to find out, right now they are lost in the hype(this one is better then that one stuff).the only difference right now is one has more so called hardcore games but that will change sooner then you think.No console is going to appeal to everyone and to say one is going to fail because you don’t like it is wrong because there is a whole lot of people that do,remember people said the same thing about the Xbox when it came out and even after having some problems it still has millions of users and going stronger everyday.

  • Lola

    Incorrect analysis here. Kinect is not for hardcore gamers, it is for casuals. The true problem with Kinect is that you have to own a 360 to play it. The target market for Kinect will not already have a 360, thus they will have to buy a 360 and Kinect, this is Kinects only flaw. All the articles I keep reading around the net struggling to paint Kinect in some negative light, like this one, are all missing the point.

    MS needs to bundle Kinect with a 360 for a total price of 200 bux if they want certain success. Sony will fail with move for certain because they are adding move capabilities to current and existing games like they did sixaxis and trophies. What this means is they will most likely half @ss it like they did with trophys and sixaxis controls, and on top of that, hardcore fans will not pay cash to play their favorite games with move, no hardcores are going to buy move, they just arent, no one wants to play Killzone with a move controller.

    Sony for the most part is ignoring the casual gamer because they do not have the wii sports type games, those are what casuals want, and hardcores are not going to buy move, so who is it aimed at?

    Kinect at least has its target market right, they just need to fix the pricing structure.

    Kinect may fail, Move will fail, you should probably right a story on that, this media bias is really getting tired. Story after story on how evil kinect is, but not one analysis on the flaws of Move, come on guys, what gives.

    • Pheng

      I’m buying Move for the first person shooter support. Its the closest console gamers are going to get to Mouse Support. I’m not a fan of Analog sticks because each game calibrates them differently so tuning is going to be off from going from Modern Warfare 2 to BBC2.Kinect I’m worried that all shooters will be “on rail” type shooters and I already have Umbrella Chronicles

  • xholic

    love how these sony fanboys are even blogging about a non sony peripheral. what can ms say but, “thanks for the PR, boys!”

  • The connect is a great idea, but honestly, I’m going for the PS Move… it’s wayyy cheaper and I want to have some flashbacks from my childhood when I was playing arcade games.

    • It’s not way cheaper if you consider kinect is for 4 people. Move (with the wii mote and numchuck is about 60-70 bucks…multiply that by 4 and then you ALSO have to buy an eye toy…dumbsh***

  • It truly does depend on what end of the spectrum you come from. I think the 300 dollar bundle with kinect and the new xbox will be the money maker on this one. I cane imagine and existing 360 owner that would buy it.

    Oh and @ Lola