Motorstorm Apocalypse is the Uncharted 2 of Driving Games – Gameplay Footage from Sony Beta Rooms Event

Motorstorm Apocalypse is the Uncharted 2 of Driving Games - Gameplay Footage from Sony Beta Rooms Event

I recently got to play a pre-alpha version of Motorstorm Apocalypse at the Sony Beta Rooms event in the UK. I was amazed at how cinematic and full of action packed events that the game is and the immediate comparison that sprung to my mind while playing was that it reminded me of Uncharted 2, specifically how the scripted events blended seamlessly with the actual gameplay to create a new level of immersion. Check out the video footage below to see what I mean and hear my thoughts on the game as I play.

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  • King_Bobo

    I really enjoyed it yesterday, but didn’t you find there were several things about the demo that stood out as being typically un-Motorstorm? For starters, although many people may see it as a benefit, I was surprised to discover how forgiving and player-friendly the track was.

    Typically, with previous Motorstorm games, it was virtually impossible to go through a track first time without crashing (unless of course you drove extremely cautiously). The tracks were designed in such a way as you had to get used to them – they had that merciless trial-and-error nature that games like Demon’s Souls have become famous for.

    Equally, I didn’t find that there were very many different routes that you could take – something that, in previous games, has made the Motorstorm franchise stand out from the rest.

    I agree that the scripted events really added something to the gameplay, and made it feel considerably more epic, but I couldn’t help worrying that perhaps some elements of Motorstorm franchise would be missed in Apocalypse.

    Admittedly, it may be that they have designed the track specifically for E3 (as it was the E3 build that was running), in order to make it more accessible for people who were only playing it briefly, so as to show off as much as possible, but equally it could be that it is simply one of the earlier tracks (with later ones presenting more of a challenge) or they are taking the IP in an all-new direction all-together. What are your thoughts?

  • ….

    looks good, but lets hope they add some turns to that track…


  • Rob Bateman

    I agree with what you mention and i just put it down to that particular level being designed to make people say “WOW”, it worked btw.

    There were a couple of different routes mostly in the tunnels but nowhere near what some of the tracks in the original Motorstorm had. that said i can imagine lots of possibilities for shortcuts and stuff – driving through billboards, fallen buildings as ramps etc.

    It said it was pre alpha so there is plenty of time to flesh the tracks out. As far as the actual core driving goes then i think its probably sorted.

    Since you attended (always nice to hear from a fellow brit) what was your favourite game from the event ?

  • xino

    this guy, didn’t he had a website with some other partner that looks like an alien?

    he did a review for PSN and said it sucks or something.

    But glad MS A is looking good.

  • Great video Rob, looking forward to this title as well though I haven’t been that deep into the Racing genre this gen myself.

    I am definitely impressed that Sony was doing a 3DTV giveaway for the leader-boards, that is a pretty involved and creative way to decide who gets the swag from the Beta event.

  • King_Bobo

    My favourite game, which I was extremely surprised by, was Heavy Rain. I’ve played the game extensively in its Dualshock iteration (4 times through in fact), and wasn’t certain that Move would really add anything to the experience.

    How wrong I was. I had imagined that some of the QTEs would seem more immersive, simply because they would be closer to recreating the actions their were simulating, but I never could have guessed how much smoother the experience would be. The addition of Move makes all the movements far more intuitive, and using the left analogue stick to move (without the necessity for pressing R2) whilst being able to look around with the Move made navigating and exploring the environments a far smoother experience.

    Additionally, the actual QTEs themselves are far more forgiving, and the fact that most of the actions revolve around simply moving the device in a variety of different ways (rather than having such a combination of analogue movements, SixAxis integration and button presses) creates a more fluid experience, and yet, the variety of motions involved keeps it entertaining and fresh.

    Even the dialogue options are improved, as before, where the default option was made obvious as being listed as the ‘X’ option, with the Move edition, you simply chose the one you want and none of them are directly obvious as being the default. Overall, everything that anyone could criticise about the original control scheme has been refined, whilst providing a more immersive experience.

    The other games were great too, but I’ve read previews and seen the E3 footage of them already, so it wasn’t anything particularly special. The Move games were the most engaging as they were all experiences that really needed to be tried out to be fully appreciated.

    Admittedly, the 3D was something that needed to be experienced hands-on too (and Motorstorm was by far the most impressive), but, as something that is more directly accessible to me (I’m not sure I’ll be investing in a 3DTV this year, whilst Move is a day-one purchase for me) Move, and its respective games, definitely had more of an impact. Would I be right to assume Motorstorm was your ‘Game of the Show’? After all, comparing it to Uncharted 2 is a very bold statement! 😀

    • Rob Bateman

      My GOTS has to be Little Big Planet 2 – i was absolutely blown away by it. I dont want to say too much about it here becaue we have a feature coming up showing our reactions to it from the Beta Rooms but it really did surprise me how cool it was.

  • Ron

    Great job Rob, It’s amazing to see the environment changing each time.

    Great vid.

  • Tyler Christensen

    I have never been a big fan of racing style games, but just the idea of driving through a crumbling city just gets me excited. Great concept of the game, for sure. It looks fun.

  • Cort

    Hmm, worried that all that stuff going on on-screen will create a lot of frustrating situations where you crash or are impeded by something completely outside of your control. I don’t mind AI cars, but falling buioldings and random debris?

    More luck than skill to win? I hope not, or no sale.

    • King_Bobo

      Hey Cort,
      Luck vs. skill has always been an issue in the Motorstorm series, as if your unfortunate enough to have an enemy AI shunt you (particularly one larger than yourself), it could cost you the entire race. As for falling buildings and random debris, it is all fairly scripted and with experience you know how to avoid it. Like every racing game before it, you grow to know the track better so that you can take the safest, most advantageous route.

      As Rob mentioned in the video preview, they were running a competition where whoever could achieve the fastest lap time would win a 3DTV. I observed a lot of people throughout the night, and the person who won the TV in the end had the fastest time on all of the consoles running Motorstorm. Why is this important? Well, if it was down to luck, you’d have pretty variable times for the different players, but everyone was pretty consistent with their performance on the whole.

  • For some ridiculous and infuriating reason this track cannot be found anywhere in this game apart from in the last event of the game where parts of the track are missing and the whole track has been bombarded by what looks like tonnes of photoshope effects. I am deeply saddened by this 🙁