EAT THEM! – Preview of New PSN Title

Giant tongue-faced blue lizard with cybernetic missile launcher attachments stomps through a city destroying everything in its path!

If that headline grabs your attention then you might be interested in EAT THEM! a new PSN title due to land on the PS3 this October. While the premise sounds pretty fun the juddering frame rate and sparse levels left me thinking that this game needs a lot of work if its going to make the grade. Check out the video to see EAT THEM! in action and hear my thoughts on the game.

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  • It does have that Rampage vibe, just going around a destroying everything in sight.

    • Rob Bateman

      Alas it didnt have the skyscraper climbing fun of rampage or enough people to stomp on to make it fun.

      I hope it turns out good because i do like these brainless smashing things up kind of games. I think I was the only PS3 owner in the world who thought Prototype was more fun than Infamous.