LittleBigPlanet 2: Thoughts on Gameplay from Beta Rooms Event

I recently got to the chance to play Little Big Planet 2 at Sony’s recent Beta Room event in the UK and I can sum up my experience with one single word – “WOW”. Check out the video above to see my reactions and thoughts on what I believe is a very strong contender for GOTY 2010.

Just to ellaborate on a couple of the points I raise in the video I really do think that LBP2 is going to be something amazing. I was one of those people who thought that while the first LBP was certainly cool and unique it wasnt in the same platforming league as the classic Mario or Sonic games. That opinion has completely changed with what I saw of LBP2. There are so many cool new things that have been added to the basic gameplay, such as new abilities & enviroments, that the mind verily doth boggle at what kind of mayhem the player community will create once they get their hands on these tools.

Now unfortunatley Sony did not allow us to shoot any live footage or take any pictures of the game in motion but you can check out some of the new features in the gameplay trailer below.

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  • Tyler Christensen

    I have been patiently waiting for this title since I heard about it. I’m so stoked to be able to create actual games, and not just levels. I was a big fan of the first, and solely purchased it on the fact that I could create my own world. This is honestly one of the most original games that has been released on any console. Hands down!

    • I totally agree and I was glad to hear the positive feedback from Rob that this title is coming along nicely. I can only imagine how much easier the building system must be to operate with direct control programmability, enhanced A.I., and hopefully better controls for the creators.

  • Matt

    What p***es me off is that you didn’t have any footage of you playing the damn GAME! ):<

    • Like i said dude Sony simply were not allowing it. A lot of what we saw is in the trailer i added in the post.

      Since I am in the UK i am hoping to visit Media Molecule in the next couple of months so stay tuned !

  • Matt

    That would be awesome steal the source code *Demon Eyes*. Lol jk but do get some footage of the game.

  • Cliffbo

    just a quick post to congratulate you on an excellent site.

  • roops

    Hey Rob i was there on that same friday night, actually seen you doing that video at the time 🙂 Yes my main attraction was also lbp2! I have seen a lot videos of gameplay an was excited to finally see it upclose. Not sure if my expectations were too high but i think this must of been a very early build of lbp2. It didn’t have the polish of what i had seen online an there were only 3 levels. Correct me if you think i am wrong, the framerate see

    • Hey Roops,

      I thought that a lot of the games shown didnt have the final layer of polish on yet but to be honest i didnt notice any frame rate issues with LBP2.

      Anyway always nice to see a fellow Brit visiting our site, if you see me at any future gaming events be sure to come over and say hello 🙂

      • roops

        WOOps i accidentally posted that reply without finishing it… i had reposted on n4g soz for the confusion 😛 heres what i meant to finish saying…

        Hey Rob I was there on that same friday night, actually seen you doing that video 🙂 My main attraction was LBP2 too. I had seen many gameplay videos and was excited to see it upclose. Maybe my expectations were too high but this looked like a very early build of lbp2 they had at the beta room. There were only 3 levels and lacked the polish of what i had seen online. Please correct me if my perception is wrong but the framerate seemed choppy and there was a lot of aliasing (was looking forward to the highly touted MLAA but could not notice it) But hey i still loved it and just put this down to it being a pre-pre-alpha! Also wonder why they had it on only 2 ps3s facing a wall hidden away in a corner, wasn’t easy to find!?!

        • Rob Bateman

          Yeah the location of it was very odd, all night we kept hearing people talk about LBP2 and kept looking around for it but didn’t spot it until near the end of the night (hence the disheveled hair and glazed expression).

          I will say one thing though – Sony might be good at making video games but their idea of a buffet sucks ass ! Half a hot dog and a few chips (that’s fries to our American chums) in a cup does not equal a buffet !

          Then on top of that all there was to drink was beer and red bull, its no wonder people are commenting that I was rambling like a coke addict.

          • roops

            Coke addict LOL! Yes i got a bit trashed by the end of the nite with all the free booze 😛 but no decent food! Oh well I was greatful i got in tho. An yeah i was being a bit too over critical about it come to think of it. Will say hello if see you in the future sometime 🙂