Steve Jobs: “We’ve Sold More Handhelds Than Nintendo and Sony Combined”

Steve Jobs:

Today Steve Jobs took the stage at his yearly music conference at the Apple Yerba Buena location in California. Every year, Jobs takes this time to showcase some of the upcoming products its iPod line of music players. This morning was no different as Jobs presented on lookers as well as live-streamers 3 new additions to the iPod family.

If you recall back to earlier this year during the iOS4 presentation and the announcement of the upcomming Gamecenter, Apple made it very clear who it’s competitors are by showing off some rather glaring statistics and differences between Nintendo and Sony’s effort, and what the iPhone and iPod Touch platform has achieved in less time. Today Jobs calls them out both again. This time by letting them know who wears the handheld crown. Take a look at the slide below.

Steve Jobs:

Steve goes on to call it the iPod Touch the best selling handheld in the world. Keyword here is: HANDHELD, not music player not even personal media player, but a handheld. He brings up Gamecenter and then decides to show off the iPod Touch’s handheld market share. Check out those slides below:

Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs:

We said Apple was taking off the gloves earlier this year, but after todays presentation it’s easy to see that it’s going to be an all out war. We’ve seen Sony’s recent jabs at Apple with the Marcus PSP campaign, and it seems that Apple is fighting back with hard numbers. Nintendo for the most part has kept their hands clean but I’m not sure how much longer that can lie dormant as Apple continually puts them on the public chopping block.

What do you think of Apple’s attack? Do they really have the same quality titles or are they just full of hot air and fart apps? Let us know in the comments section!

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  • It’s pretty crazy how Steve Jobs is going out and saying these things when Windows 7 Phone is right around the corner. I understand that Apple is dominating the consumer technologies industry right now but I do think that gamers should care more about content that appeals to them rather than sales and how a company is doing with profits, etc. I wonder if all of these comparisons are really what the gaming community needs to hear right now. If all it takes is “we sold more” to get people on board with the Apple gaming wagon then really I don’t see how they will add to gaming other than continuing to treat it as a side-feature as they’ve done up until this point. I’m still waiting for the gamer-centric features on the App Store and a better way to sort the games.

  • Chris Felix

    Maybe the iPod Touch is the best selling handheld in the world, but before I’m willing to accept any handheld device as the best overall handheld in the world, I want to be able to drop it and not worry about it breaking. That will be a serious accomplishment. As for gaming content, Apple isn’t supporting serious indepth games, Sony takes the crown in that department.

  • Kamil

    Much the same way you can call a laptop a mp3 player can you call an Ipod a hand held console. Its technically correct, however you don’t by a laptop for the intents of simply listening to music and you don’t buy an Ipod cause you want to game.

    While its true they have alot of downloads. A lot more of them are nothing more than jail broken downloads, which far exceed that of the DS or the PSP. No serious gamer can legitimately say that the Iphone is where its at for mobile gaming. Add the fact that he combined entertainment and gaming and you can’t take that seriously. Doesn’t the face book application fall under that as well?

    And if he’s combining all the old Iphone and I touch stats as well than Im fairly certain that if we count the older Nintendo hand helds that Nintendo would blow them out of the water.

    Ipods are not the best thing in the market on any level really.

  • tzaylor

    Are comments like that meant to p*** people off Mr. Jobs? Cause that’s what they do. I own your iPhone but don’t you compare it to dedicated handheld portable gaming devices. They are NOT in the same class, not yet anyway. I might as well start calling bottled water a handheld device. You hold bottled water in your hand and you can play some games with it like spin the bottle. Bottled water has outsold all your iphones, ipads, and itouches combined. See how easy it is to make a comment like that? What a stupid thing to say

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