Outraged Fan’s Complete a Re-Redesign of Dante

Outraged Fan's Complete a Re-Redesign of Dante

The hottest character in gaming right now has to be the star of Capcom’s upcoming series reboot DmC. Sadly, his popularity is born from all the wrong things. Fans hate his new appearance and are pleading with Capcom and Ninja Theory to give us the character we know and love in the new game.

Not content with Capcom’s decision to keep the new look, in obvious spite of the tremendously negative response to it, fans have come together to create this re-redesign of Dante. While he’s still miles from DMC 3 or 4‘s Dante, he is easily cooler than the new Dante, which wasn’t a big feat considering, that he looks like Jack Skellington.

At least we’ll get some true Dante action in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 next year. DmC is expected to hit the PS3 and Xbox 360 and no release date information is available yet.

[Dante Re-Redux by Krazy-Kitsune]

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  • haha the fan made one kind of looks like aladdin. But yeah it’s better than the one capcom and Ninja Theory presented.

  • Kenpachi Mishima

    Lol @ aladdin,
    yea clearly better than the new one. you can at least imagine this guy one day looking like dante.

  • I don’t know who you are, but thank you. You made my night.

    I never knew my redesign would go viral, and I’ve gotta say, after finding a nasty blog post about that picture on another website (with over 100 equally nasty comments, just with worse punctuation), I really needed this bit of encouragement. 🙂

    Also, if at all possible, could you link back to my original site? (Here: http://krazy-kitsune.deviantart.com/art/Dante-Re-Redux-179688896 ) Thanks, and much love to you. 😀

    • Nice work on this, the link has been added in. 🙂

      Thanks for checking us out.

      • Thanks so much for posting it! 🙂 It’s great to know that it’s not being radically taken out of context like I’ve seen on other sites… >.<

        Now, I think I may have some lawsuit-serving research that must be done for another site. 😀

  • darighteous1

    This guy’s smiling… there’s just no force on earth (or even in the Universe) that could make Dante smile…

    • Since when is Dante not allowed to smirk…? I’m pretty sure he smiled all the time in the original games. But maybe I’m just old-school like that. 😀

  • Kenneth Richardson

    Well actually, if you check out DMC4, he smiles a lot. He’s just to cool not to. Check this out:

  • maddawg

    I think the reboot of the devil may cry franchise is gonna be a bigger mistake than Dmc 2. The new guy(I won’t and will not call him dante) is fruit cake.

  • umadbro

    pfft did you get some pre-schoolers to do this “redesign”