Everything You Need to Know About Conduit 2 – Developer Interview

Everything You Need to Know About Conduit 2 - Developer Interview

We recently had the chance to sit and chat with High Voltage Software’s Chief Creative Officer Eric Nossinger, who besides having a pretty bad ass title, took the time to tell us everything we need to know about Conduit 2 before it releases in early 2011. We spent a brief time checking the game out earlier this year during E3 but our most recent eyes-on showcased how much the game has been changed (for the better) since the original. It’s been a while since many of you out there have had any reason to dust off the ol’ Wii and Conduit 2 plans on changing that. Check out the full interview below!

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  • Nice interview. I do think this is going to be the first game to have the whole “push cover” thing. And the game looks epic; my feedback seems to have been used for everything. I just want to know something here; was it you playing in the background (not during the trailer clips) or was it some pre-shot vid and/or an HVS employee?

    • Hey abujaffer,

      Thanks for the feedback, glad you enjoyed the video! And yes that was a HVS developer actually playing in the background.

  • Freeman Rubio

    It’s shaping up real nicely! However I do believe Red Steel has push over cover, which was awesome, so hope its implemented well on C2.

  • Near

    what you want say with “who besides having a pretty bad ass title” ??

  • ddddd

    Nice vid and interview, but he is Eric NoFsinger 😛