Sony Presents Playstation Rewards Program

Sony Presents Playstation Rewards Program

Sony has announced a new loyalty program for the Playstation today. The program will have three levels of reward: “Select”, “Pro”, and “Legendary”. As you gain more rewards you will level up to the next reward tier. As your rank increases so will your available rewards, which will include exclusive PSN avatars, dynamic themes, and Playstation Home content. In addition there will be members-only sweepstakes, the first of which is an all expenses paid trip to be Playstation’s guest at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Expo (CES) in Las Vegas!

To gain rewards, all you have to do is exactly what you already are; play games, purchase content from the Playstation Network and Playstation Home, download movies & tv shows, etc. The program will at first be an invitation only beta including early adopters of the Playstation Plus program and GAP (Games Advisory Panel, not the store) members, with a full public launch scheduled for Spring 2011.

So what do you think? It sounds like they just want to give you stuff for playing their games, not a bad idea in my book.

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  • It sounds pretty cool. It’s less of a true point system and more of a reward system for just playing games and downloading stuff, which is cool. I’ll take some free avatars and themes. Don’t care about the PS Home crap.

  • XpAcErX

    I’m all for this if they count what I have already purchased towards reward points.

    • You make a good point. It would suck to have everything I spent the money downloading and the time playing up until now to not be added to this program, toward points or whatever.

  • That’s a good point, I wonder if they’ll have something in place for “redeeming” previous purchases.