Sleek Portal Gun Replica Being Sold for Charity

on November 24, 2010 10:00 PM

Sleek Portal Gun Replica Being Sold for Charity

Portal is a game taken quite seriously by fans. Its iconic characters, scenes and technology have cemented it into gaming history. That’s why a replica of the awesome gun used in the game is the perfect auction item. You can bid on the dangerously well recreated gun shown above for your chance to win it. Be prepared to lose to some dedicated and more fortunate fans though.

All proceeds go to the fantastic Child’s Play charity which aids less fortunate children on gamers’ behalves. The replica goes on sale at the Child’s Play dinner and will be signed by the creator and members of Valve. Don’t eat any cake while you’re there though. It’s a lie.

[Harrison Krix Blog] [1Up]

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