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Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack Collection Spans Four Games

by on December 2, 2010 8:00 PM 1

Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack Collection Spans Four Games

Music fans brace your wallets. Square Enix is highly revered for its treatment of the art that is music in their epic games. It will be putting that prowess on display again with the upcoming release of the Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack collection.

This epic three disc collection will encompass music from four games: Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep, Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 days, Kingdom Hearts: Re: Coded and a remastered version of Birth by Sleep entitled Final Mix. The album will be available in Japan on February 2nd for the Japanese equivalent of $40.

[Square Enix]

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  • http://blackandredimpact.yolasite.com darkesthour71

    i think square enix should make a game after kingdom hearts recoded called kingdom hearts scattered memories

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