Post Your New Year’s Gamer Resolution for 2011 (Incentive Included)

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Post Your New Year's Gamer Resolution for 2011 (Incentive Included)

As the New Year approaches, we would like to hear some of your resolutions as a gamer. What goals have you set for yourself? What would you like to change about your gaming habits/careers that you didn’t really go through with in 2010? We would like to hear them. By this time next year, we would like to follow up with you and post your success stories for all to see. So, please leave a valid email address along with your resolution.

Additionally, the first 10 comments to say “LBP2 Code Please” along with an email and resolution will get a code for LittleBigPlanet 2‘s private beta.  Let’s all make 2011 the best year!

Here are a couple of mine:

In 2011, I will bring down the late night gaming to a minimum. No more 3am gaming endeavors.

In 2011, I will start bringing and playing my Nintendo DSi/3DS during my daily travels instead of sleeping.

I can’t wait to hear some of yours!

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  • Gaurav R

    In 2011, I’ll try to play games more for the sake of enjoyment and not play and finish stuff that I don’t give a damn about just cos I bought the game.

    LBP2 Code Please

  • Marvin

    In 2011, I will catch up and finish most of my gaming backlog.

    LBP2 Code Please

  • Tom Stenton

    My new years resolution as a gamer to try and be mote creative with LittleBigPlanet (and 2).

    LBP2 Code please!

  • Michael Cimino

    My resolution is to play more games this year. I changed jobs this year so I lost a lot of time adjusting to the new hours and all tha jazz.

    Lbp2 code please!

  • http://dualshockers.com Chad Awkerman

    My new year’s resolution when it comes to gaming is to finish more games that I play for fun. I have a bad habit of not finishing them, mostly because I move on to something I have to review, or the new “game of the week” or whatever.

  • Michael Sweeney

    in 2011 ill download more map packs for games i love instead of being a cheap ass haha

    LBP2 Code Please

  • Scott

    I am going to try to stop staying up all night playing video games ( yes all night) and also to play a bigger variety of games not just lbp.

    LBP 2 Code Please

  • Scott

    My new years resolution is to stop playing video games all through the night, it messing with my head, I keep hearing the plasma balls from lbp :s

    LBP2 Code Please

  • Scott

    I am also determined to collect all of the prize bubbles in lbp.

    LBP2 Code Please

    • Scott

      /\ /\ /\ I did make a first part to this but it’s still awaiting moderation

  • Ben

    For my new years resolution I am going to play a better variety of games And also to get the platinum trophy in LittleBigPlanet.

    LBP2 Code Please

  • Sam

    In 2011, i will try to complete all of my PS3 games!

    LBP2 Code Please

  • Sam

    In 2011, i will finish all of my PS3 games! Including LBP!

    LBP2 Code Please

  • Sam

    In 2011, i will finish most of my PS3 games! Including LBP!

    My other post is still waiting for moderation, i don’t know why…

    LBP2 Code Please

  • http://www.lowercolumbiabikeproject.org The Mad Scientist

    2 days before Christmas my PS3 got the dreaded RLOD, so for 2011 my resolution is to fix it.

    LBP2 code please.

  • http://coolstufftheblog.wordpress.com/ Romudeth

    In 2011, I’ll try to limit my trophy whoring ways. I will play to be entertained first and foremost.

  • vspatrick

    In 2011, I hope to finish all the levels in LittleBigPlanet that I have failed upon just because I am too lazy to actually complete them

    LBP2 Code Please


  • vspatrick

    Were the codes given out yet? o-o

  • vspatrick

    Omg Thank you!! I realized I was the only one to put an e-mail address !! Happy New Year!

  • matty14

    I would like to get 100% trophies in both LBP and LBP2 this year!

    [LBP2 Code please!]


  • Kelvin Deery

    LBP2 Code Please
    In 2011 i will game only for 2 hours a day.

  • josh.b14

    in 2011 i plan to finish all my DC comics costumes on lbp1 and 2 and publish a level on them and share them with everyone
    [lbp2 code please]

  • josh.b14

    In 2011 i plan on finishing al my DC comics costumes in lbp1/2 and publish a level containing them all to share with everybody also i posted again coz my other wasnt moderating what ever that means..

  • Scott

    Actually u don’t have to post your email that’s just stupid u have to type in your email to post I got a code after all

  • Mall

    In 2011 I want to quit smoking and join the forces.

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