Post Your New Year’s Gamer Resolution for 2011 (Incentive Included)

on December 31, 2010 1:25 PM

Post Your New Year's Gamer Resolution for 2011 (Incentive Included)

As the New Year approaches, we would like to hear some of your resolutions as a gamer. What goals have you set for yourself? What would you like to change about your gaming habits/careers that you didn’t really go through with in 2010? We would like to hear them. By this time next year, we would like to follow up with you and post your success stories for all to see. So, please leave a valid email address along with your resolution.

Additionally, the first 10 comments to say “LBP2 Code Please” along with an email and resolution will get a code for LittleBigPlanet 2‘s private beta.  Let’s all make 2011 the best year!

Here are a couple of mine:

In 2011, I will bring down the late night gaming to a minimum. No more 3am gaming endeavors.

In 2011, I will start bringing and playing my Nintendo DSi/3DS during my daily travels instead of sleeping.

I can’t wait to hear some of yours!

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