Killzone 3 Demo Hitting February 15th

on January 26, 2011 10:00 PM

Killzone 3 Demo Hitting February 15th

So the pre-release buzz for the much hyped PS3 exclusive FPS  Killzone 3 is reaching an all time high. Not only is the open beta coming up, but the demo will give fans even more of a teaser before the game comes out. I’d wager it’s no coincidence that the demo goes live on February 15th, the day that the open beta for the game will close.

That release date is actually pretty unfortunate. Know what else comes out on February 15th? Marvel vs. Capcom 3! I don’t know what I should be the most excited about.  MVC3, the Killzone 3 demo or the delicious sales on Valentine’s Day themed chocolates. Killzone 3 launches on February 25th, only for the PS3.

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