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Australia Gets Dreamcast Vinyl Soundtrack Preorder Bonus

by on February 11, 2011 7:45 PM 0

Australia Gets Dreamcast Vinyl Soundtrack Preorder Bonus

Time for another segment of America Never Gets Anything Cool!

That’s right, it’s not just Europe and Japan that get all the best special editions and perorder bonuses, it’s Australia too! This vinyl album comes free when Aussies reserve a copy of the upcoming Dreamcast Collection for PS3 and Xbox 360. It contains three Crazy Taxi songs (YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAAAAAH), one Sonic Adventure track, one Space Channel 5 part 2 track and one Bass Fishing track.

Well ok… that’s not THAT cool. There are way better Dreamcast soundtracks to choose from, but the Dreamcast Collection only has so many to choose from and we’ve all already played them on PSN or XBLA. Or you’re like me and still play your Dreamcast regularly. Probably not, though.

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