Portal 2: The First 10 Minutes (Video)

Portal 2: The First 10 Minutes (Video)

I don’t know why I spent all that time writing up my impressions of the Portal 2 demo we got to play, because here is VIDEO of the thing! That’s right you (yes you) get to see what we saw. Check out the first ten minutes of Portal 2 after the jump.

The playthrough starts out at the very beginning of the game. We get to see what happened after Portal and how our hero Chell got to the events featured in Portal 2. After the plot set up, a cutscene and a couple puzzles the demo jumps ahead to a puzzle featured later in the game.

Enjoy and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

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  • Valvesucks

    Yawn, without move support i don’t care. Way to screw ps3 owns again Valve. Cant you do anything right?.

    • Yep, because giving PS3 owners access to Steamworks, constant updates, simultaneous co-op with PC players, and a free PC copy of Portal 2 means Valve couldn’t care less about a “crappy port”.

      Don’t be dumb.

      • Anonymous

        that my friends, is what you call owning someone.

    • idiot

      It has move support/

  • uhmmm where is this at?

    • Matthew Jay

      Gabe Newell’s bedroom

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