Bored at Work? Play Chip’s Challenge, Right This Very Second

Bored at Work? Play Chip's Challenge, Right This Very Second

Remember Chip’s Challenge, that unbelievably addictive ancient top-down puzzle game released well before a good amount of you were born? You’re the titular character, and you go around collecting microchips in a desolate gray block world to complete levels. For those that haven’t beared witness to a retro classic, some fine lad has emulated the entire game on a website. WebCC lets you play the original Chip’s Challenge all the way through, password system and all.

For those of you having a terrible Monday at work: you’re welcome.

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  • joseph


    • batul

      Can we play it in win7 or 8 ???

  • dmghost2008

    wow. I remember playing this as a kid…. I am getting old

  • Orange

    so…just click the image?

  • MemyselfandEYE

    Man, I remember playing this as a 5-6t yr old, then it just randomly disappeared off the face of the planet… Been searching for it for years, and finally 20 yrs later they bring it back. Haha man.

  • Zorpix

    I cant find the original levels on that site… soooo

  • blade

    cant even play it how

  • Qb P

    these .jpgs need help

  • J Lecompte

    soooo, how do I play it?

  • Brandi H.

    For assistance on how to get to the Chips Challenge game, this link seen above will bring you to a site where you can play Chips Challenge. I’ve only recently started using the site and it appears to be a variety of Chips Challenge games compiled with different levels people possibly created themselves. Along the bottom of the WebCC page, you will see a list shown from left to right with links to these different games. I have yet to find the original Chips Challenge game I remember but this site is totally worth investing some time into if you want to play Chips. As for this page, whoever created this should have made this more user friendly as it appears not many people are easily able to access the site, it took me a minute to figure it out so maybe for people that don’t want to guess, how about putting some simple instructions up if you are going to place a link where people may not even notice it?