Final Fantasy XIV PS3 Version Coming “At All Costs”. New Interview to Naoki Yoshida Published.

A new Q&A session with the Final Fantasy XIV producer Naoki Yoshida ha been published by the game’s community team, shedding light on many aspects of the future of Square Enix’ MMORPG.

Many argued that the PS3 version of the game is destined to be canceled due to the game’s rocky launch, but they seem to be wrong, as in the french version of the interview Yoshida makes a quite clear statement:

It’s not canceled. Development is underway, don’t worry! The PS3 version will be released at all costs.”

Both the english and french interviews include some very intresting details, hidden between personal questions on the working life of Yoshida and the development team. Here are a few:

-An extensive revision of the game’s maps is confirmed. Yoshida would like to create many iconic places and compliment them with lots of content.

-The ability to jump will be implemented  (much to my dismay), and will be similar in implementation to what other MMORPGs have.

-Planning and plot details are being organized for patch 1.19.

-Private player housing will be implemented together with the map redesign.

-Airships and Chocobos will be implemented with patch 1.19. More details about them will be revealed in August.

-PvP is still planned.

If you thought the guys at Team Bondi had it hard when working on LA Noire, Yoshida is no slacker himself. Final Fantasy XIV‘s cheerful producer walks into the office at 10 AM, attends development meetings until 9 PM, and leaves the premises at around 2-3 AM, after responding to an average of 230 emails.  Since taking this job he routinely soldiers on by sleeping between two and three and a half hours a day.

Talk about dedication. After all he’s always been a dedicated MMORPG player (his favorite being Dark Age of Camelot, wonderful taste there), that’s good training for going on without much sleep.

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  • 1337

    Yes, please waste more money, SE. Maybe you’ll go bankrupt. 

    • No self respecting gamer would wish for a prominent developer (even a small one, mind you) to go bankrupt. Looks like you aren’t one 😀

      No worries, though, there’s really no possibility for SE to go bankrupt in the foreseeable future.

  • 1337

    Yes, please waste more money, SE. Maybe you’ll go bankrupt. 

  • Anonymous

    Well what’s better a “dedicated” dead, talented producer or a delayed game who wasn’t really expected by fans anyway? Get some sleep Yoshida-San! 

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  • Greyhaven

    I’m glad to hear that…I am still going to give the ps3 version a chance, I really want this game to succeed…was a big fan of xi

    • Anonymous

      I agree. Square’s problem is that, now people’s perception of the game is horribly tainted. It is a MUCH better game than it was at launch, but many people will still stay away from it just because of the botched launch. So, that’s unfortunate, because it genuinely is a gorgeous, unique and fun MMO.

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  • NeilCimino

    Can’t wait, I was on FF 11 for 6 years can’t wait to spend another 6 + years in a new FF realm. As for the negative reviews… FF 11 had issues to when it was released and through the updates it became perfect. I’m a hardcore FF fan till the end. =)

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  • That’s great to hear!  Hopefully 14 will be a masterpiece by the time it hits the ps3 🙂

  • Jengland123

    WOW this is awesome news I’ve been waiting to hear something about the hopeful release date but this is just as good. As an avid FF11 to this day these MMO’s have become a routine for me. I can’t wait.

    Long live Square-Enix!!!

  • Newsergioiii

    I really wish they’d hurry up 😛

  • they need to add badass looking armor on this game and more maps maybe a snow and volcano not just green land. Yeah pvp would be great also so that way once where done with everything we could have fun fighting other players.

  • can’t wait to get this on ps3!

  • Hisaki Ni

    That’s a lot of emails to answer, but I can’t imagine him taking the emails of any more than the game developers or game-review reporters of Japan.  Does he respond to any NA or European questions outside of these major interviews?

  • Alright!!! I’m stoked to hear that the ps3 version is still going to happen! I could really care less about the ability to jump just for the fact what FF game before was you able to jump in? I do see how it would bring more people to the game though; Surprising enough there are thousands of people that would diss on the game like they did FFVI just because you couldn’t jump.

       Final Fantasy is an Epic part of game history and always been leaders in the cutting edge of delivering graphical content and indepth stories where you learn to love the characters. Surely some of the FF games stories are outstanding and completely unforgettable, Others you play through once. Never the less I am always excited to see what SE will come up with next. Of course I like the old turn based fighting system much more than what they have been doing with it in XII and XIII but there defiantly those out there that like the way they are going. All summed up, Without FF there is a huge amount of RPG based genres that would not have came about. I defiantly give them props  for being willing to practically rebuild the game from the ground up because they feel they let down there fans. Us as fans should show our thanks and lend them our support not our criticism. I really don’t think that many developers would go to this extent to redo a title. They would just wait till the next title and applied what they learned.