Final Fantasy XIV Takes a Sexy Turn With Skimpy Bikinis

Final Fantasy XIV is known for being pretty conservative in the styling of it’s equipment for ladies, at least compared  to the average of Asian MMORPGs. So conservative, in fact, that common caster tunics have been nicknamed “potato sack dress” and multiple threads have emerged in the official forums demanding ways to show a bit more skin.

Looks like Square Enix has, at least temporarily, caved to such demands as producer Naoki Yoshida, in his latest letter to the fanbase, shown off pictures of swimsuits to be included in the game with the upcoming summer event: the Firefall Faire.

Sharp-eyed readers will notice that the new bikinis show a whole lot of skin. Far more than what we’re used to in any Square Enix game and definitely more than what was exposed by the chaste swimsuits included in Final Fantasy XI.

Is Square Enix planning to increase the sexy factor of the game in order to draw in more players to experience the upcoming and quite radical updates and the future PS3 version (that, as reported before, is still coming)?

The producer letter also gives some interesting insight on the philosophy behind the future steps of development and hints to a possible removal or mitigation of the time limits between Guildleves.

You can see a far less alluring male version of the new swimsuits below.

Final Fantasy XIV Takes a Sexy Turn With Skimpy Bikinis

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  • Anonymous

    No, This is not the way to fix this game!

  • PJ Del Toro

    So instead of improving gameplay, they think this is the solution to the game’s issues?

    • Today’s patch involves a ton of stuff to improve gameplay, so the “instead” part is a tad inaccurate. Between all the improvements I’d say they can easily put in something lighthearted.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think people understand. If this is like any other MMO, they have separate teams working on different pieces. You’ll have your encounter design team which will work on stuff like NMs and the new “raid” dungeons, then you’ll have your quest design team which focuses more on the individual guildleves, behests and such, you’ll have a job design team which focuses on the balance and job changes.

      Most MMOs I know also have an event planning team, which works on the design and implementation of special in-game events that aren’t available all the time, from holiday events, seasonal events or bi-weekly/bi-monthly events. Then, you’ll have meetings between all the various teams to coordinate interaction and how all the elements work together.

      Basically, they don’t do anything “instead” of something else, they do it along side something else.