Gorgeous Artwork? Check. Gravity-Defying Gameplay? Check. Must Be Gravity Rush!

Today we have some more screens from the PlayStationVita’s gravity-defying platform/puzzle game Gravity Rush. Or is it Gravity Daze? Depends on your region, I suppose. The more I see of this title, the better it looks. This certainly seems to be, at least from our vantage point at this place in time, one of the “must have” titles once the Vita launches. Now I shall allow you to gaze upon the resplendent shots of the game after the break.

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  • Foker

    Chad ,.. So Vita day 1 for you to ? 🙂
    Damn Gravity Rush looks so beautiful !!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m leaning toward YES at this point. I know a lot of the “day one” RPGs like Disgaea 3 Return probably won’t land here at release, but even if they have Uncharted and Gravity Rush at launch, I will buy it day one. 😉