Final Fantasy Versus XIII Job Wanted Ad Hints at Game’s Progress, Drags Xbox Into It

Square Enix Japan’s job board has been exploding with activity over the past few months, most notably over the search for a new development team for Final Fantasy XIV. It’s latest post asks for a Level Design Planner for the “ongoing development” of the project formally known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. So while Nomura swears up and down that the game is looking great, it seems it’s got a long way to go before we’ll be sitting on the edge of our couch cushions staring googly-eyed at Noctis and Stella on our home screens.

What’s also interesting is that the job asks for someone with game development experience for Playstation 3 AND/OR XBox 360. But Versus XIII has already been adamantly touted as a PS3 exclusive. Looks like Versus may be going the way of its fellow XIII titles.

[Square Enix Japan]

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  • Anonymous

    No. Just, no. Prolonged dev cycle for the game to go multiplat I wouldn’t buy it. However, there might be another way of looking at it. 

    What if, Squeenix is looking for anybody with knowledge of HD platforms but instead of saying “looking for people with know how on HD platforms” they’ve just put the ad that we all see now. 

    I cannot express my utmost hope that it is in fact the latter one. They drag this stuff because xbox or I have to PAY for a “DLC” which would’ve been in the game in the first place – I’m starting to play FF starting from 2 =) 

    Quite a lame statement as I can do so, right, now O_o

  • Great, now if it is, it will probably just as downgraded graphically as XIII was. Because you could definitely tell where they cut corners to make it work on both platforms.