Gran Turismo 5 Spec 2.0 Patch is Live Right Now

Earlier than expected and just a few hours before the release of a prominent competitor in the US, the Spec 2.0 patch for Gran Turismo 5 has gone live on the PlayStation Network and is available for download now.

The patch, as announced by Kazunori Yamauchi last week and as suggested by the number, includes a whole slew of game-changing improvements that were strongly desired by the community, like the ability to save during races, the addition of internal views to all cars, user-controlled weather and official support for the Logitech G25 and G27 steering wheels.

You can find the full list past the cut:

  1. Simplified interior view added to all standard cars.
  2. User control of the weather change feature.
  3. Added a setting sheet feature allowing you to save multiple car settings.
  4. Spec 2.0 opening movie.
  5. Improved UI usability and response.
  6. Replay rewind and fast forward.
  7. Ability to save during a race
  8. Online Lounge Expansion (Ability to narrow down car types via search, shuffle races).
  9. Expansion of the B-Spec remote race you can play from (a graph display now shows changes in race rankings.).
  10. Expanded Photo travel features. You can now take photo’s of cars together with your avatar.
  11. Added a “NASCAR Pit Scene” stage to Photo Travel
  12. Added eleven 2011 model NASCAR cars.
  13. Added the Nissan GT-R N24 Schulze Motorsport.
  14. Improved physics and AI.
  15. Support for the Logitec G25/G27 Steering wheel.
  16. Several minor fixes and adjustments.
The contents of the Spec 2.0 patch can easily be defined a game-changer, and will be followed soon by multiple DLC packs featuring cars, tracks and racing gear . This is sure a rich period for fans of racing games.
Edit: apparently the servers are extremely congested so download times may prove slow.

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  • Guest

    I’m skipping this in favor of Forza Motorsport 4. This update is just too little too late and probably takes hours to finish on my PS3.

    • Bad choice of choosing Forza3 Oh wait they just put 4 on the box, hows it to late they brought the game out so they didnt delay it again for the fans, its spectacular, and goes down into the last drop of detail which you will never see in forza, gt is about a lengthy game not just a short period they will continue to support it for many years and will not be beaten visually in this generation

      • Richard Evans

        Shows how deluded you fanboys really are. Forza 4 is miles ahead of GT5 and definitely complete when it releases, which can’t be said of GT5 with it’s hour long patches and bugs. Even the menu system is appaling in GT5. Gran Turismo is dead, the new king is Forza Motorsport 4. That’s why Top Gear has left GT for dead the past year and is now supporting Forza.

        • Eef

          Each to their own mate.  Don’t call out a fanboi with fanboi antics, just saying.

  • Thanks, downloading now.

  • Thanks, downloading now.

  • -MrRaBBiT-

    Forza can blow me for all I care. I have played forza in the past, and I almost gagged at how cheap I felt whilst playing it. And, forgive me, but isn’t it gt that is classed as the real driving simulator? Plus, how much would ms charge for 1000+ cars to be available to buy? Way too mf much If you ask me….

    • Guest

      That last line made you lose your credibility completely after your stated opinion. Nothing but another fanboy.

  • Ben Kelly

    Why can’t we like two things simultaneously such as Forza and GT?  They are both quality games and nobody is a lesser person, deluded, insane, or a fanboy just because they have a preference.

    The mid-race saves are what I’m looking forward to the most.

    • best comment on the grid, thak you very much 😀

    • Exiquio

      Nothing wrong with a being a “fanboy” as long as you have reasons. For instance, I am  “fanboy” of PS3 because of it’s technical (provable) superiority over the 360. 360 people might support it because of its superior (subjective, but I agree) library of games. Not everyone can afford the best of both worlds and its very lemming like to criticize folks who put their mouths where their money is. I have GT5, but I’d rather be playing Forza 4 (don’t have a 360). If I felt the other way and gave reasons why I guess I’d be a labeled a fanboy and shunned. Long live Fanboyism!

      • Exiquio

        I didn’t mean to post my comment above as a reply to Ben Kelly. It was supposed to be general. My bad.

        • I say Fanboys are just people who can’t afford more than one console. Sure I do most of my gaming on Ps3 (for obvious reasons) but when a game like Gears of war comes down the pike I don’t want to miss it.
          So have fun missing Forza   🙂  Fanboy

      • Adam H

        There is so much to say in this subject and I would say that it’s a common misconception that the PS3 is more powerful. In certain aspects, sure it is. Looking at extras like bluray, wifi, gigabit and such, sure it has better hardware. But, if you’re looking at performance for different workloads, I would say that the 360 is faster in a lot of scenarios.

        It’s sad that fans just think about the CPU, not about ram or GPU, these two are as responsible for good performance as the CPU. Let’s start talking about the CPU.

        CPU: The Cell is faster for most work, especially work that can be paralleled. But I wouldn’t be that sure that the Cell is faster for traditional CPU use, since its SPE’s are more suited for high throughput parallel work than general purpose computing.
        Think of it this way, Cell has one real general CPU, while the 360 has three, on the other hand the Cell has 7 SPEs, which are very powerful, but only for certain tasks. So in a good scenario for the PS3 the Cell will kick the 360’s ass, big time. On the other hand, in a scenario not well suited for SPE’s the 360’s three more general CPU cores may as well be faster.

        RAM: PS3 has 256MB ram and 256MB vram. The 360 has 512MB ram that can be used as the developer wants. So using 400MB as ram and 112MB for textures is not a problem.

        How’s the bandwidth then? The PS3 has 25.6GB/s for its RAM memory and 22.4GB/s for the VRAM.
        The 360 has 25.6/GB/s to it’s combined memory when the CPU is reading and 22.4GB/s when the GPU is reading data. The 360 GPU also has 10MB of edram with a bandwidth of 32GB/s.

        So, in a scenario when a developer needs no more than 256MB ram and 256MB of vram, the PS3 has higher bandwidth, since the GPU and CPU doesn’t share memory. On the other hand, as soon as a developer needs more ram or vram, he needs to start borrowing and doing transfers between the two areas, turning the dedicated memories into a performance hog.

        GPU: The GPU in the 360 is more powerful, hands down. It is a newer generation of GPU than the one that can be found in the PS3. In the PC world the 360 GPU would be called DX10 class GPU while the PS3 is a DX9 class. The 360 has programmable shaders while the PS3 has non programmable shaders in the form of pixel shaders and vertex shaders.

        So what does the programmable shaders do? They can do the job of the different unprogrammable shaders the RSX has and it can also do general purpose work instead of the CPU.
        The PS3 has 24 pixel shaders and 8 vertex shaders, while the 360 has 48 programmable shaders. Now the 360’s GPU is more powerful in numbers, but it’s also more adaptable to workload, since it can behave like 48 pixel shaders if that’s needed or 48 vertex shaders. The in a scenario where few pixel shaders and lot of vertex shaders are needed the PS3 will have its unprogrammable pixel shaders doing nothing while the 8 vertex shaders are undermanned.

        The edram used in the 360 gpu also makes anti aliasing much, much cheaper performance wise.

        Let’s sum this up then:
        If a PS3 developer needs no more than 256MB of RAM and 256MB of VRAM. He does not utilize anti aliasing and have a graphical workload that suits the split of 24/8 pixel / vertex shaders. He then sets up the Cell CPU so it can aid the RSX GPU in certain tasks. Add to this a highly parallel workload that can harness the Cell CPU. Then the PS3 is faster.

        On the other hand, consider a scenario where anti aliasing is used, the graphic changes its demand of pixel / vertex shaders depending on area and the game shifts its need between large textures and large ram usage. The CPU requirements are mainly traditional workloads. Now the 360 will be a lot of faster.

        The thing is that it’s a lot of easier finding a scenario where the 360 is fast and most multiplatform games will certainly benefit by the flexibility in the RAM and GPU of the 360.

        • Adam H

          oh, by the way, I actually have both consoles. Both this generation and last generation.

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  • Troythrust

    i love GT but Forza looks great. Tempted to take of my FanHat and get me some XForza action

  • White_s_d

    Nice. Now I just need DLC for a 2012 Camaro ZL1 and I will be happy!

  • Capone305

    I’m happy for the Forza fans, when I was younger I had every console of every current gen. but now that I’m older I just don’t have the time. So I just stick with my Ps3 that’s just my choice, plus I’m more of a GT kind of guy. I have been a gamer since I could remember ,I love all games I don’t think I’m a fanboy just more selective.

  • do you need playstation plus for the patch as i read on twitter