DC Universe Online Will Go Free To Play on November the 1st – UPDATED

Sony Online Entertainment just announced that DC Universe Online will join veteran superhero MMORPGs Champions Online and City of Heroes on the hybrid business model bandwagon on November the 1st, 2011.

The transition will happen on both PC and PS3, and will give players the option to play for free, to purchase some options on the cash shop for an upgraded status, or to pay a monthly subscription as they did before in order to enjoy a less limited experience.

The client will be available as a free download on both platforms, but those that are currently playing on PS3 won’t be able to continue using their Blu Ray version of the game. They will have to download the new full client, that will eat up 20 gigabytes on their hard disk.

You can check the details about the options available to the different account types here, and take your pick. Unfortunately the Legendary status still won’t let you score a date with Power Girl.

UPDATE: as clarified by RadarX of SOE’s Community Relations on the official forums, those that have the client already installed from the Blu Ray version of the game won’t need to fully download it again. The client will simply be updated and will not check for the Blu Ray any more (the size of said update is unknown). Those that want to start playing after the game goes hybrid will instead have to download the full 20 Gb client from the PSN.

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  • http://mau64.com Michael P.

    It took several hours to download Payday: The Heist which was a little over 2GB. I’m interested in this but shutter at the thought of a 20GB download.

    • http://www.facebook.com/giuseppe.nelva Giuseppe Nelva

      I can’t say I can blame you for that… I’ll be playing on PC.

      • http://mau64.com Michael P.

        I might give the PC version a shot. 

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  • Wwachamp

     Unfortunately that’s an inaccuracy in this article.  If you have the game installed already, you do not need to download it again.  It’s the exact same client.  You just no longer will use the Blu-Ray to access it.
    Message edited by RadarX on 10/28/2011 07:13:20.
    Message edited by RadarX on 10/28/2011 07:13:20. Taken from the official forums

    • http://www.facebook.com/giuseppe.nelva Giuseppe Nelva

      Thanks for the clarification, what they said on the stream was quite misleading, as they clearly talked about Different SKUs and having to download it. Good thing. Adding an update 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Fabela/100002106917966 Richard Fabela

    20 GB


    i have the space. but thats insane.

    crysis 1 is only 3 gb