ShockCast Episode 87 – “Does Multiplayer Help or Hurt Mass Effect 3?”

It’s Friday so you already know what time it is. This week’s show we’re joined by a full cast of characters as well as another ShockCast 1st timer. We’ve condensed the format to 2 main topics but it doesn’t make it any less entertaining. Our main topic is all about Mass Effect 3 and its inclusion of a multiplayer c0-op. For our second topic, we discuss the PS Vita bundle and whether or not it’s worth your hard earned cash. All of that along with the week in news makes for one jam packed episode. Make sure to give it a listen! 

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  • Anonymous

    A new Shockcast and I’m actually around to listen to it! Sweet! I just finished catching up on the last 2 eps that I’ve missed due to Comic con and Batman: Arkham City. 

    I posted this on ep 86 but I’ll do it here since this post is nice and fresh.

    “It sucks that I didn’t see you guys at the con. I spent a ton of time at the video game section because I figured you dudes would be there but unfortunately I didn’t see any of your sexy faces. I think for next year I’m gonna send you my phone # or something so we can meet up and maybe get drunk. Yes I realize that it might be dangerous for Joel or Yaris to have my personal info but it’s not like I don’t already have crazy Dominicans to deal with in my family so this should be no different. 😀

    Thanks for the shout out. No bullshit here, you guys are the best video game site on earth and that’s why I will always be loyal.

    Dualshockers for life!”

    Just wanted to make sure you guys saw my not so subtle attempt at ass kissing. 😀 I’ll chime in later on what I thought of this show. If you saw my post on Joel’s impressions of the ME3 MP then you already know that I’m skeptical at best about it. Let’s see if this Shockcast can convince me that I’m just being silly.