VGAs 2011: Epic Games Premieres Survival Game Fortnite

on December 10, 2011 9:42 PM

In a… surprising move, Cliffy B came out to premiere a new game from Epic Games: Fortnite, which he says will be focused around “survival”.

In the trailer, a few very cartoony characters blow up a bowling alley and cover it in metal plates that they’ve found (mostly street signs) in a time-lapse building. As night falls, a bunch of monsters come out and attack the building as they hide in it.

It’s definitely not what I’d expect from Epic Games, but I love that they’re willing to go for a more cartoony, possibly light-hearted game after Gears of War. They didn’t say if it’ll be on that scale or if it’ll be along the lines of Shadow Complex or Infinity Blade, but I’m excited either way.

You can watch the trailer beyond the break.

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