VGAs 2011: Metal Gear: Rising Trailer “Premieres”

Even though the trailer leaked earlier today, some of the commentary from Kojima might be worth noting. According to him, Rising has developed into an “all-new game”, which is probably just an easy way of saying that he’s handed over a lot of the direction to Platinum Games.

The trailer has Raiden fighting soldiers and other cyborg ninjas, as well as flipping a giant Metal Gear RAY with knives attached to it, while words like “Resurrected!”, “Rising Storm”, and “Revengeance” flash on the screen.

You can check it out past the cut:

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  • Anonymous

    At the end of all the sickness. Exactly how cheesy can you get, ReVengeance, ReVenge RE REREERERERERE!? 

    • I will keep an open mind, but I just don’t feel the Metal Gear vibe here. Also, there are so many hack and slash games out there, and so few good Tactical Espionage Action ones, was there really a need to move what’s arguably the best TEA game into the hack and slash realm?