ShockCast Episode 93 – “Video Game Awards, Y U NO Make Sense?”

Well folks , we’re a day late but it was definitely worth the wait. This week’s main topic has us dissecting the Spike TV Video Game Awards. Did they get it right? Well… it kind of depends on who you ask. We also discuss what makes the VGAs different from other video game award shows. For our second segment we discuss the travesty that is Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and it’s reveal trailer from the VGAs. All of that as well as the week in news make this week’s show another must listen! 

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  • Romudeth

    Okay before I toss in my two cents about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, let me just say that I LOVE the MGS series.  MGS3 is hands down my favorite game of all time.  With that said, I have to say that I’m very excited about Revengeance.  

    Yeah, it looks nothing like your typical MGS game but…it’s not supposed to be MGS, it’s Metal Gear RISING.  If this was being done by any other studio, even Kojima’s I’d have reservations but since it’s Platinum games I think that it’s safe to say that this will be hella sweet.  Bayonetta and Vanquish were the best action games I’ve played this generation so I have no doubt that this game will be ridiculously fun.  I know that a lot of fans are ticked off now but I think that this game has the potential to be another great action game from Platinum.On a side note, Kojima put out a 25 minute documentary explaining why the original MGS: Rising was canned and how Platinum got involved.  You should definitely check that out.  Oh and also this game now takes place AFTER MGS4.  The original Rising took place in between 2 and 4 but now it’s after MGS4.  The story and cinemas are still being handled by Kojima productions.Alright Joel…you may now rip me apart. 😀

    • All i have to say (SPOILER ALERT) is that at the end of MGS4 Raiden had no arms and was holding his sword with his mouth. His #ucking MOUTH. He dies on that ship, I don’t care what you tell me. 

      I absolutely love the MG series but theres sometimes when you need to leave things alone.

      • Anonymous

        Dude, go play MGS4 again.  

        [SPOILER] Raiden doesn’t die.  At the end of MGS4 he’s in a hospital and his girlfriend comes to visit him and tells him that’s she’s pregnant.  Remember how MGS4 had a million endings? That was one of them. [END SPOILER]

        Now about the leaving things alone part, I agree with you.  If it were up to me, there would be either no more MGS games or there would be but be set further into the future (10-15 years) with new characters.  But since more MGS, or in this case MG Rising games will be made, I’m gonna buy them.  Yes…I”M the problem.  lol

  • Anonymous

    You guys don’t need to see what I look like.  That is unless you want to see a pale, fat, Dominican loudmouth.

    Oh wait… Nevermind. lol

    And btw, you guys are gamers and don’t see that the image for my icon is the symbol on Akuma’s back?  For shame.  To make it up to me just have another “drunkcast”.  Joel, you are hilarious when you’re blitzed.  😀

  • Anonymous

    xDDD “and don’t be afraid to say how much you hate Giuseppe” xDDD you guys are such Lads, I love it! 

    See the thing with me is I have never played any MGS apart from the 1st One on PS1 and I can only remember it vaguely. However you don’t have to be a genius to figure out that the quotes at the end of the trailer, the “REvengeance, Re-this, RE-that” are just beyond disturbing. 

    Only thing which probably would have been great to see at the actual VGAs was The Last Of Us trailer. OW! Bring on the unlikely odds of survival! 

    So, yeah. You guys tore apart the show like you always do xD Hilarious and insightful. Like DICE Conference. I really wasn’t aware of such a thing. Now, I think every “gamer”, should be. 

    • Yes! hate me. Your hate gives me strenght!

      • Anonymous

        Brotha!! Nothing but respect for your energy and points of view! 

      • Anonymous

        I can’t hate you Giuseppe.  Your European cynicism and fun Italian accent make the show that much more enjoyable.  Don’t let up on your hatred of browser based games. Those games ARE $hit.

        • don’t worry, there’s no chance that’s gonna happen 😀