The Legend of Zelda Timeline Takes Into Account the Death of Link

Game translation site GlitterBerri has given Legend of Zelda fans in the West the gift of knowlegde for Christmas. The site got their hands on the coveted Legend of Zelda art and storybook, the Hyrule Historia anthology, and have posted a gorgeous video tour of the tome on YouTube by user floshiden.

In addition to the book porn, the site has translated the official Zelda timeline in greater detail. We now have more information on the controversial “Timeline A” that chronicles the events following the fall of the Hero of Time. That’s right: Nintendo has accounted for a timeline in which Link falls to Ganon and the ginger tyrant succeeds in his quest to gain the Triforce. This results in a war in the Sacred Realm — in which Ganon is still sealed — between the Gerudo male and the Seven Sages. Over time the realm is corrupted into the Dark World, which brings us to the events of A Link to the Past, the first game on the timeline.We also learn some nifty tidbits about characters names. For examples, “Impa” was named as a reference to the word “impart,” she is the one who tells Link and Zelda the legends in the first game — and most of the rest. As for Link’s name… well that reference should  be obvious by now.

Here is the video tour, followed by GlitterBerri’s translated timeline:


The Legend of Zelda Timeline Takes Into Account the Death of Link

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  • Joseph Hix

    I think it should be said, and has been brought up, that Link being defeated isn’t necessarily the same as dying. He could have been defeated without death.

    • Luis_pedro182

      Well the death part should remain because it makes the timeline interesting.

    • J3T

      If Link was defeated, then Ganon would get the power of the Triforce and surly come back to finish Link off, so if Link was defeated, I’m sure death would follow closely from Ganon

  • Gigi Limburg

    They can’t kill Link! He is the HERO!