Santa Ragione Releases Soundtrack for Fotonica, Is the Complete Opposite of Suck

on January 14, 2012 2:26 PM

Last year I wrote about a little game called Fotonica, a first person arcade game that was basically all the good parts of Mirror’s Edge if they were in the Matrix. It was a fantastically trippy game with awesome visuals, gameplay that was simple yet amazingly addicting, and a truly spectacular soundtrack that absolutely completed the package.

Well, looks like developer Santa Ragione figured their soundtrack was pretty damned good, because it’s now available on Bandcamp for purchase. I would have to agree with that sentiment; I’m not usually a fan of listening to video game music outside of the actual production, but wow, this music is quite stellar as a standalone product. I’ve been on an ambient electronic kick lately, and this seriously hits the spot.

Check out the soundtrack here, and if you don’t suck, you should probably purchase it.


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