ShockCast Episode 96 – “SOPA for the Soul”

Happy Friday! It’s ShockCast time. This past week we’ve seen non-stop coverage on SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) on what seems like almost every single site on the web. Instead of going down on “SOPA day” we opted instead to better educate readers on SOPA (and PIPA).

This week’s main topic is all about SOPA and luckily we have a real lawyer on staff (Scott Lipowitz) to break it all down for all you fine listeners out there. For our second topic we discuss our favorite video game cities and what makes them great. All that and the week in news make this week’s show another must listen!

Editor’s note: SOPA and PIPA have been indefinitely postponed today, marking an unprecedented victory of the Internet (and of gamers) over the lobbies and politicians. Can you feel the Joy? I can. Today’s ShockCast was recorded yesterday, and this makes it just a tad obsolete, but don’t  worry, hearing us rant about something that is now in the past is still fun. It’s like opening a vocal (and ranting) time capsule. 

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  • Draken

    Anyone else not seeing this show up in iTunes?

    • Anonymous

      We’ll look into it. Might be an iTunes issue though, but we’ll check as soon as possible.

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  • why just 45 minutes…i was used to 60 minutes, why the hurry chad?  and i guess i had the same sensation than alexa when i played alan wake for the first time…yep i love mountains………ahh, chad sopaipilla is not a desert and is not only in mexico….so…XD

    • Chad is evil. He doesn’t let me rant. I want Joel back!

    • Anonymous

      We were running later – as in, late at night – than usual, and I had to work the next morning at the butt-crack of dawn. I also had to upload it so Joel could edit, so yeah, I wrapped things up a bit quicker than usual as I wasn’t really planning on having to host. 😉

      15 minutes won’t kill ya! Also, isn’t it nice having a Giuseppe-rant-free week?

      • you…. monster!

      • aaaahhh…later at night….(or is “on night”…yeh yeh, my english sux) …  yeh yeh, giuseppe, you just want to bullying around alexa, do not blame the poor chad… (it is funny nobody said nothing about certain italian captain of certain ship)