Get Hyped for Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus with this Awesome Japanese Commercial

on January 26, 2012 7:00 PM

I hope no one has been sleeping on Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus. Sure, it is a port of a port and series fans will be seeing most of the content for the third time, but the new missions and touch screen attacks look fantastic. On top of that the visuals are great and it’s portable.

However, I’d recommend not throwing your PS Vita in frustration while out in public. Not only will people think you’re crazy, but you will probably break the pricey device.

This Japanese advertisement shows off the lightning fast action that the game has to offer, as well the new ninpo and some of the gorgeous CG cinematics. My conversational understanding of spoken Japanese has failed to help me decipher anything the narrator is saying, except of course the game’s Japanese release date, which is February 23rd. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus will launch beside the PlayStation Vita in North America on February 22nd. Check the video below.

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