Sony Says No to PSP to Vita UMD Passport Program in North America

on February 7, 2012 4:47 PM

Those of you who were hoping to save a few bucks to transfer your favorite PSP UMD games over to your PlayStation Vita are now straight out of luck. Sony, speaking to Kotaku today, said boldly that the UMD Passport Program that they instituted in Japan is not coming to North America.

The main issue here is that many PSP owners were perhaps planning on trading in the system toward a Vita, in hopes that Sony would allow the same UMD to digital transfer they did in Japan.

Those of you who might have been planning to do that will have to go to plan B. Unfortunately, plan B is either keeping your PSP forever and ever, or buying full-priced digital copies off the Sony Entertainment Network for use on the Vita.

You’re not racking up the brownie points today, Sony. That’s okay, I still love you anyway.

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