Nintendo Kicks Off 3DS Ambassador Game Updates with Super Mario Bros.

The first update to the 3DS ambassador program NES games is now available. As promised, Nintendo will be updating the very rough ports to give them new features such as local multiplayer and 3D.

The first title they’ve chosen is Super Mario Bros. Unfortunately, this update adds absolutely nothing except the ability to save your game properly via Suspend Points. Reports conclude that about five people in the entire world found the update relevant. 

This underwhelming update is currently only available in Europe and the UK, though I don’t think anyone should lose any sleep over an update that does practically nothing to make the game better. Updates are also apparently available for a few of the other games, although no details have been given. US fans will have to wait a bit longer for their opportunity to make the NES ambassador games less awful.



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  • Anonymous

    Any word if the update will fix the audio? The music all but drops out or becomes very garbled whenever you do anything that creates a sound (breaking bricks, killing enemies, tossing fireballs ect).  Pretty much all of the NES games on 3DS have this problem to be honest.  Must be an issue with the emulation.