Game of Gods Expansion Goes Live for Allods Online

on February 15, 2012 10:30 AM

Today’s expansion, the biggest to ever be released for Gpotato’s Allods Online, introduces a huge list of new additions and updates. Players in North America and Europe will be able to become a member of the new Bard class, join in a 12 on 12 PvP Skirmish in a fight for territory, and if his/her level is high enough, take part in the Dead City raid, specifically for end-game players.

These are the biggest changes, but there’s still a lot more, including a system that allows players to trade extra in-game gold for the currency used in the special shop, and karaoke, to name a few. Regions will also be holding special in-game events for the launch, such as a songwriting contest in North America in classic bard style, to a max level race in Europe.

Check out some screenshots after the cut.


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