You Can Now Play AirMech On Chrome for Free

The title says it all: Carbon Games’ action-packed RTS AirMech is now available on Google Chrome, and for free at that. AirMech is an RTS I can get behind; it’s more action-packed than your standard multiple-unit RTS’s, and it has robots that can transform into vehicles.

It’s essentially a Transformers RTS, which is something I didn’t know I wanted until this came out. I’m not even a fan of RTS’s, but I’ve been sneaking in playthroughs of this during breaks at work, and it’s pretty fun. Chrome users can check it out for absolutely free right here.

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  • Ron

    Too bad Airmech for Chrome is a ghost town. Everyone left and Carbon is all cozy about that, saying come on over and play on the Windows version!

    That would be just fine if I weren’t on a mac…